Civil disobedience notice for Concord, NH Fed building

Upcoming protest July 26, 2021…Bitcoin Gandhi likely to be at this demonstration called by a former Free Talk Live host: Mr. Bitcoin schedules FreeTheCrypto6 protest Concord NH Fed bldg Mon. July 26, 10am

What: Gandhi Salt March re-enactment, protesting the 3/16 Fed raids against NH Bitcoin activists and Walk with us! Invite folks if you can’t; here’s the FB event:
Why: To raise money for their legal defense; donate to
When: Sun. May 9, 3:00 p.m. thru Wed. June 2, 3:00 p.m. (24 days God willing)
Where: Starting near the Mighty Moose Mart, 661 Marlborough St., Keene, NH. Ending @ Fed building, 55 Pleasant St, Concord, NH. To link up with me along the route; find me here:
How: 1) Walk across NH stopping at police stations, petitioning them to reduce cooperation with DC.
2) Almost-livestream and updates from the field here: here:
3) Hand deliver written complaint to Concord Fed building, opposing the arrests. Doing so violates Fed speech-restriction §102-74.415, so I may be arrested either that day or later when I refuse to pay fine. We may march around the building a bit first.**
Who: BitcoinGandhi dot net aka Dave Ridley and friends; scroll down for bio.
Contact: From May 9 - June 2 you should be able to reach me at You can see my updates in your browser without using Telegram.
Media coverage: Bitcoin Gandhi media coverage thread public version (old one was set to "private")

Sent: Tue 4/27/2021 9:44 PM

"Atten: Juan Cruz, U.S. General Services Administration, New England

Dear Mr. Cruz:

In March of 1930, Mohandas Gandhi sent a letter to the British viceroy of India, listing a series of grievances, advocating for Indian secession and essentially promising to march across much of the continent in defiance of a hated salt tax. Before discussing my own concerns and plans to disobey your government along similar lines, let us first examine the many areas of agreement and unity, which most of New Hampshire’s small but significant “independence faction” shares with your superpower.

We both oppose threats and acts of physical violence against government workers in the U.S. We share opposition toward all foreign actors who would physically harm Americans or interfere with the sovereignty and legitimate interests of the American people. We both want Americans to prosper. From the end of our previous civil disobedience campaigns around 2012…through the early part of 2021, we both generally supported a live-and-let-live disposition toward one another; NH libertarianists and central government operatives largely went about their own projects in relative, mutual tolerance. Most importantly, we surely both worry about a simple fact: The Federal system came with a flaw that threatens every Federal worker, not just every American. Its laws and edicts are relatively easy to create, difficult to repeal and do not automatically expire. They last for centuries and build up like plaque; no individual able to stop them. Its servants are not evil. But it is systemically incapable of shrinking, and the list of mostly-harmless things both you and I are forbidden from doing has grown to at least 200,000 pages. This systematically threatens each of you as individuals; ask any VA victim. It proceeds even as some of you take advantage of the burgeoning restrictions to target your opponents in government…or in the wider community.

Our long and mutually beneficial detente ended on 3/16/2021, a date that now lives in dishonor. On that day this year, your government attacked many of New Hampshire’s best Bitcoin activists and businesses. It led a SWAT raid against the largest libertarian talk show in the known universe. Best estimates indicate it shut down four square blocks of residential Keene, New Hampshire…curtailing the movements of bystanders and apparently forcing a young lady to walk in shoes filled with broken glass. On the same day, your operatives seized many Bitcoin machines from struggling New Hampshire businesses, accosted roughly 15 locations statewide and arrested six New Hampshirites. They physically assaulted a videographer attempting to film one of the arrests and largely prevented him from doing so. Enforcers disconnected security cameras which reportedly were filming them and had recorded the first moments of the raid. This part of our video has apparently been confiscated by agents. When detainees appeared before a magistrate, all non-government viewers of the proceedings were prohibited from audio or video recording. Two remain in concrete boxes under false claims that they are insufficiently tied to New Hampshire…a region which they consider their nation and are practically married to. None of the arrestees has been credibly accused of harming others. Washington listed a resident’s gun possession as justification for the heavy-handed forced entry and drone deployment at Keene. But lawful gun owners are profoundly common here, and according to
" FBI investigating properties associated with Free Keene in city "
FBI spokeswoman Kristen Setera declared there is no threat to public safety.

Escalations of this type indicate a Venezuelan-style slide into currency-fascism and a repudiation of New Hampshire’s traditional status as the state where Federal winds blow most benignly. They demand a textbook civil-disobedient response.

On Sunday, May 9, (in the absence of preventative disaster such as illness or arrest) I will accoutrement an historically accurate Gandhi costume and appear near the Mighty Moose Mart. This is the site of your victimless crime raid in eastern Keene. There, alone if necessary or with such allies as I can inspire, I will commence a 24-day foot voyage around the state. This will imitate the Mahatma’s illegal “salt march” opposing British rule. During the endeavor I will pick up litter and collect the peoples’ grievances against Washington. I will walk a copy to your main compound at Concord. There on June 2, if still free and able, I will enter Federal property, attempt to pick up litter and attempt to distribute these tragic handbills. This violates Federal speech-prevention edict §102-74.415, as it absolutely should be violated. I do not plan to enter the buildings or encourage others to enter the buildings. I do plan to try and inform you if that changes.

This harmless Forbidden Act and the planned march preceding it, are meant to achieve many small objectives. But these are the ones of obvious relevance to you:

  1. Create a suspicion in Federal circles, if it doesn’t already exist, that 3/16 was at least partially a mistake. That it created something unintended, regardless of what happens in court.
  2. Establish, through this sacrifice, enough unofficial authority within the NH freedom and independence movements to completely enforce nonviolent discipline within it, even as you escalate:
    " Enforcing nonviolent discipline in the NH liberty movement, without reducing unity "
  3. Inspire two or more public defections by 2022. We ask you who serve the Feds in New Hampshire…to quit your taxpayer-funded jobs and join the NH liberty movement, as Officers Jardis and Tann have done at the local level here. Federal Officer Craig has already joined it and attained state office, but was (to your credit) never forced to quit.

Like Robert Duvall in the Lucasfilm “THX-1138,” each of you builds the pieces of an authority you cannot serve in good conscience, cannot safely live under and which will likely expand to consume you. The grotesque system will surely strike me down first, perhaps very soon, perhaps attempting the ancient Balkan game of deniability or invisibility. It may prove itself harsher than the cruel men who let Gandhi’s 1930 march proceed. But it is within your power as individuals to support my action, aimed not just at protecting the weak…but ultimately at protecting you.

With best wishes,

Dave Ridley
BitcoinGandhi .net
“Independence without Enmity”
Winchester, NH "


Other details: Plan will be to sleep outdoors each night, since that is what the Mahatma did during the original salt march. Looking into visiting the seacoast so we can do the ocean salt thing like he did, although of course that is not illegal here and so cannot be the ultimate aspect of the march.

Someone else has underwritten an nice looking ad in the Monadnock Shopper, to appear Wednesday the 5th; hat tip to volunteer Kevin Bloom , a free stater I think, for coordinating with the Shopper to get it out there!

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Getting a lot of emails about this, guess folks watch the forum without posting. Some action is now underway on the part of others related to this. Also sent a couple LTE’s to relevant local media.

Sent to an old contact at DHS, Michael Therrien:

Hi Colonel: An internet search failed to help me figure out if you are still at DHS or not, but I thought you would like to see my civil disobedience plans for 55 Pleasant St. I sent them to the GSA regional HQ in CT before sending them to anyone else.

They are detailed at

Hope you have been doing well.


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Volunteer help this project will need:

) Someone I can call into from the road for help getting internet things done. For example dictating news to be posted somewhere.
) Resupply assistance
) Letters to the editor about it
) Some sort of spokesperson
) People to march with us and attend the scheduled events
) Your written grievances against governments in New Hampshire (They’re all Fed funded). Since we won’t be able to fact check the grievances I’d suggest naming no individuals in the grievance you hand us (that prevents libel). Also if you want to make a violent threat in your grievance, I would not be interested in helping you pass that on.
) Calling talk radio about it (I can send you schedules and call in numbers)
) Spots I/we can lawfully sleep outside on the route, which will encompass the southern half of NH. (I think M.K. Gandhi refused to sleep inside during his salt march)

Action items this is intended to inspire:
) Donate to the legal defense fund for our political prisoners:
) Join and move to NH for more freedom and to join our struggle
) Re-establish, a previous service in New Hampshire that let folks write letters by email which were then converted to snail mail.


I don’t think anyone will stop you from sleeping on the right of ways along the roads. If they do … more grievances against the Feds and their allies everywhere.

well I wasn’t planning on sleeping 10 yards from traffic. So i might only be easy-to-spot during daytime.

In response to a media request, here is a background bio for me: I (Dave Ridley) am a free stater activist, that is…a person who signed the libertarian Free State Project statement of intent in 2002…promising to move to New Hampshire and work for more “liberty in our lifetime.” I moved to NH in '03. I’ve basically been arrested once before for the same thing I plan to do at the end of the march…distribution of handbills on Fed property in violation of their speech-restriction §102-74.415. I handed out a flyer in 2006 at an IRS office, was fined roughly 125 bux then the following year got sentenced to 4 days in jail when I refused to pay the fine.

I founded in 2007, it became New Hampshire’s #2 YouTube channel for some years until largely censored by Google. It was best known for low-budget ambush interviews of politicians and bureaucrats. I also run, just a glorified Facebook group really where we swap NH independence news/views…and now a desperate street-theater / civil disobedience plan,, triggered by this Federal backlash against NH libertarians.

My background is in mainstream media; I majored in Radio/TV/Film at the University of Oklahoma and worked mostly as a news videographer for TV stations in the southwest and midwest before coming to New Hampshire. I’m 54 and live in WInchester, NH.

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Starting to plan the initial movements and activities after our start near the Mighty Moose Mart. I guess I would give a 4 minute speech at the start, then push toward the Keene Police Department to deliver a printed request that they cease cooperation with DC on victimless crime arrests. If there are enough of us we could also demonstrate at the central square. Suggestions? Note that I have added more options above for contacting me.’

Additionally I have a YouTube almost-live stream channel up, most of my vids from the road will likely appear there since i wont have ability to edit and post to my other channels.

update: this is proving to make excessively short vids so I’m focusing on for live vids. much vid shot in the field and many interesting encounters… finally getting a chance to back it up.

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Some initial video NH: "Bitcoin Gandhi's" first protest goes badly
Was guest on Ernie Hancock’s show around May 5.

Below is roughly the initial projected route Keene to Concord (except with a likely detour south to attend the Gun Church event Henniker May 16. Might push toward the seacoast after that. I am now becoming exhausted just getting the thing ready and heartbroken by the limited response. Of course it’s not quite as limited as it appears on this abandoned forum, but reach out to me if you can help. This will work if i don’t have to do it alone. I will do what I said either way but may become increasingly unresponsive and just focused on putting one foot in front of the next. Communications will become more limited to Telegram and the temporary YouTube semi live channel as detailed above and more sporadic. Much of what happens next will be out of my hands and will depend on whether you join or support the march.

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Won’t have much access to this thread during march. Will post updates here instead:
You can see these updates inyour browser without using Telegram. I will try to announce where I’m going to be and when.

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do we have any audio of Bitcoin Gandhi that I could put on the NHexit podcast?

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Anyone else gotten any recent updates from Dave? His Telegram is spotty and his main page for updates doesn’t seem to be showing any at all. Let’s post his updates here as we have them!


he is marching from 1 to 4pm each day
he was near Hillsborough today

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from the 12th

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in the diaper man’s own words

added:Ridley in Henniker on the 20th
he is uploading audio on

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Thanks guys! For a couple days I have real email and forum access! Then back to low bandwidth text and telegram type stuff on my phone. has posted an impressively edited vid about the start of the march. BITCOIN GANDHI STARTS HIS MARCH THECRYPTOSIX.COM - YouTube

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The Union Leader article was a surprise but has a factual error or two. It’s important not to be petty but not to be false. I did respond to the UL reporter, I think three times, mostly on the 11th I think. Also I do not believe this march is “akin” to the salt march, rather that it is imitating the salt march. The number of people on the march at the beginning, as shown in the vid above, was 4 or more … not “a couple…”


Excellent update Dave! We can see your Telegram now so we’ll follow along. Request - some video diaries, even if not ‘Ridleo’ quality?


my report for today … is that there is nothing to report
Diaper Ridley is resting for 2 days

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Bitcoin Gandhi will be at the Henniker Police Department at 1pm on Saturday May 22nd
many thanks

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