Bitcoin Gandhi media coverage thread public version (old one was set to "private")

Other coverage: I made about 5 in-character calls that got on the air at WKBK-AM radio in keene during or right after the march . But I don’t think they archive everything. did some nice stuff
Garret Ean’s youtube channel covered it but I don’t have details yet
The infamous but well-trafficked covered it
You’ll see stuff now trickling out on that is interesting

Thanks to donations from family…suddenly and for the first time politically united…An ad for the event ran in the Hippo, one ran in the Monadnock Shopper, in the Keene Sentinel and in Granite Grock… according to my advertising associate Kevin Mongo, the Concord Monitor and Union Leader refused to run ads for us. News releases went out to 100 or so relevant media outlets while I was tied down with marching.

Mainstream and Bitcoin media basically ignored the final and brilliantly worded news release that went out from my sister Robin two days before the civil disobedience moment, indicating we really are in a blackout situation to some extent, similar to what the civil rights movement suffered from the good 'ol boy papers in the early 60’s. A reminder that we really did need the NH liberty migration, not just the Bitcoin movement, to ensure that Bitcoiners cannot be targeted in relaitve secrecy here.

I have not listed all the Free Talk Live coverage, there’s almost too much to list. In short, the liberty media and particularly the NH liberty media comes through…local talk radio serves its purpose ok…while pretty much everyone else pretends it didn’t happen.

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Reporter from The Verge stopped by my place to do an interview the other day, and a guy from New York Magazine also did an interview while I was at PorcFest.

Here is The Verge article published a little over a month later discussing the march and the crackdown which triggered it: