Civil disobedience notice for Concord, NH Fed building

many audio and video updates on telegram ridleyreport
including report from Henniker PD today

Hopkinton PD Sunday more audio updates this morning
he is hoping to get to Hopkinton PD by 3 or 4 today
he is getting more resupply help and honks
he excepts backwards rides … so if you are a Fed you can grab him and take him back to DC for reeducation
much thanks from Ridley … he must be swatting the flies often in that get up. :slight_smile:Telegram: Contact @RidleyReport

now Ridley is looking for a camping spot in Concord and which local bureaucracies he should visit to ask for no Federal cooperation.

--------------- update

Dave is planning a couple of appearances at State bureaucracies on Wednesday the 26th in Concord …check telegram for latest

Media coverage thread: Bitcoin Gandhi media coverage thread public version (old one was set to "private") and there’s a lot we haven’t been able to add.

Laptop failed so this chance to update via the forum is rare and much appreciated! Thanks to Pam and Garret Ean and Marhiya !

Adding some keywords to this thread to make it easier to find by motorists who see me: Guy wearing all white robe stick walking down hwy 202, 9, concord , dressed like some sort of prophet or cult leader or jesus or homeless guy or gandhi. Which was more or less what the police stopped me for today lol. Ancient times costume half clothed half naked.

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as reported to earlier today, the next visit to state bureaucracies is set for 5/28 11a but you’ll have to catch me near the start… 21 fruit street concord nh … an NH state building.

looks like he is getting to a bunch of places with at least one guy with him
latest on his telegram channel

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AAaaaannd today is Bitcoin Gandhi’s birthday!! Happy Birthday Dave!

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Happy Birthday Dave. Thank you for all your efforts for liberty.

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excellent 2 minute messages at

it is interesting how this kind of activity effects those around you including family
we can go along with life without much change most of the time :slight_smile:

Looks like Dave will be at the Federal building at Pleasant St and South in Concord on the 2nd in the afternoon.
East side of building

Bitcoin Gandhi segment on Free Talk Live. May 29th, 2021.

Please share the Facebook event and attend on June 2!!

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From: Dr. John Chelladurai <dr.chella (email redacted)>
Sent: Thursday, April 29, 2021 3:55 AM
Subject: Fwd: NH: Gandhi imitator to re-enact Salt March, disobey U.S. govt.

Dear Dave Ridley,
Our Solidary
on your proposed satyagraha.

In Peace
D John Chelladurai,
Dean of Studies,
Gandhi Research Foundation,
Jain Hills, Jalgaon, Maharashtra, India - 425 001


does this mean an endorsement of the accent and word choices?

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They apparently chose to pretend that there is not a regulation against, and fine for, doing what I did… Although they fined me for it in 2007 and arrested me when I wouldn’t pay. I guess that’s progress! Wouldn’t put it past them to fine me later however.

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also last time they ended up letting you go and not jailing you for not paying :slight_smile:

I would like to offer Bitcoin Gandhi indoor living space for Porcfest at the NHexit spot … from where he can swiftly walk around the campground greeting wellwishers and representing peaceful separation from the Central Government.

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Hah hah thanks russell: I’m leaning strongly toward going this year and taking you up on your offer; let’s talk about this more I’ll send you an email or something

Although exhausted and sort of a spent force at the moment i’m wondering if there is something we can do to maintain the momentum of this direction… we have briefly / locally changed the tone of relations between Feds and libertarians in New Hampshire ; is there a way to follow up on that? Would each of you be willing to do something that helps make that happen?

Meanwhile nice photos from an activist named Angie:

The man in the mask is a U.S. Marshal; in the lower pic he is holding the complaint which I’ve handed him, in violation of Fed reg 102-74, “Distribution of Handbills.” The woman in high heels is Bonnie Kruse; girlfriend of Crypto 6 arrestee Ian Freeman.

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This march has given me two maybe-big ideas…how we or I could follow up on this nice moment, where I think we recaptured the spirit of 2007 for a bit and need to make that last.

I keep complaining that free staters seem to spend so much less time on real activism than they do on partying with each other. Maybe this imbalance could be turned into an advantage. What if we started trying to have full blown activist events right after social gatherings…within walking distance?

The other idea I had, which I guess could compliment the one above…is that a weak link in our chain is “support.” We tend to work on our own stuff pretty hard but don’t spend enough time “backing the play of our people.” I’m guilty of this too, although I’ve been good about calling talk radio to make sure the world hears about Porcupine type stuff. Over the coming months I will probably be trying to focus more on other people’s projects and avoid starting so many of my own that I don’t have room to help.



What do you guys think should be done next with this (exhausted) character or with the team that has sprung up around it (and is mostly to be found on Telegram and Facebook)?

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