How to contact jailed NH liberty activists

Please post info and updates here regarding contact information for our people in jail, and let us know how well your mail is getting through. Maybe also what you are sending. Lets get 'em some mail to make their lives more entertaining and send a message to their imprisoners that they are important. Contact me via ridleyreport at live period com … if you need me to post something here for you.

This is what I have as of 3/27/2021:

Ian Freeman (Formerly known as Ian Bernard)
Merrimack Co. Jail
314 Daniel Webster Highway
Boscawen, NH 03303

“Nobody” (Formerly known as Rich Paul)
Merrimack Co. Jail
314 Daniel Webster Highway
Boscawen, NH 03303

(He changed his name so he could run for governor and give folks a chance to “vote for nobody.”
List of restrictions at the jail holding these two: " Mail "

More freedom folk will be needing mail support.

What is the status of the activists who were arrested or charged for being near governor sununu’s property? How/when/where will they be in jail and how would we go about sending them mail?

Same question for the guys arrested after they posted anti-lockdown type stickers around Manchester city hall.

And Laurie Ortolano (sp?) at Nashua. She had a no-trespass order for going to city hall. I think she and one other person may have been arrested for entering city hall later or something. I’m not sure it was her, but granite grok is reporting that two folks were arrested.

And should we be sending postal mail to Coleen, Rene, her husband and Aria? Or what else can be done for them from around the world that will help keep them entertained while they are restricted from using the Net? Are they being prevented from playing computer games? What about lit readers?

I don’t have any reason to believe either of them will be released on bail before 4/5/2021.

I went ahead and called the jail partly to raise the reputation of our men behind the wire and partly to get a sense of what restrictions there are on mail…they indicated no stickers, no polaroids, no staples or paper clips…i asked if there is a limit on how many pages I can send, what would happen if i sent a 40 page printout and they indicated it would probably be possible for the targeted detainee to read it but not for them to keep it indefinitely.

They said Nobody and Ian are still there as of 3/27 12pm. The man who answered was friendly and helpful…but when I asked if Ian Freeman and Nobody were still there… I forgot to refer to them as political prisoners.

Sending them about 10 pages each probably tonight … of writing that I’ve done over the years about the NH liberty movement. I’ll send each of them something different so they can maybe swap. Some jails stop you from sending printouts of other peoples’ writing but i’ve never had one stop me from sending my own.

Maybe this is what’s really going on;



the mail to ian sent to the above addie…got thru without difficulty within 2 days, no detainee number was required. Ian says he and rich paul are not able to swap mail. at least not yet. so sending them the exact same thing may be appropriate in some cases. The jail website has some instructions on things you can’t send. Oh and it says they are a “caring” facility lol

My understanding is that they are now likely to be held until at least the end of april 2021, pending an appeal hearing regarding their denial of bail.

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Interesting… I was expecting 4-5 months for an appeal hearing for Ian. That was based on what I heard it took for Christopher Cantwell to get an appeal hearing.

your info is likely more precise than mine. we’ve got an artist drawing pictures on the blank side of my printouts now! I’m planning to send them both spanish language books next month or so when i run out of things to print. at least those can be read over and over and teach you something useful in jail.

Yea- that actually seems like a really good idea actually. I don’t know what the future holds for us, but people prepping for a 2nd migration (learning a 2nd language may help with that) may not be the worst idea. We’re not ready for that, but if we get somewhere with New Hampshire who knows. Maybe some day within some of our lifetimes or Ian’s life time it’ll make sense to migrate somewhere else where we have a weaker adversary that we’d actually be able to either work with and maybe even defend against should circumstances change for the worse. There are places that appear open to the idea of welcoming a migration movement outside the US and could theoretically with the right financial support sustain something amounting to an independent state. The key is likely a state that would see mutual benefit from relinquishing a portion of its territory. The question is probably along the lines of can you get that financial support from enough wealthy individuals, and can you develop the infrastructure along a route that would result in a prosperous economic situation for migrants (think seaports, trade lanes, and so on).

Their bail was denied?! Are they all still in jail?

If you see this, people from all over care about you and feel terrible about the injustice.

two in jail as of this writing and likely to be there a while; perhaps half the others likely to wind up in jail as their cases come up.

We are working on getting both released, but it takes time. It may or may not happen, but we need to get everybody lawyer’d up whose still in a cage first. Ian’s got a lawyer and Nobody (formally Rich Paul, he changed his name for political reasons) is currently without a proper attorney (his first public defender quit, and a new 2nd one has been assigned I believe, but hopefully will be replaced soon by a privately hired lawyer).

I made an Amazon Wish List of books Ian might like, to make it easier for people to send him books in jail:

I’ll set one up for Nobody once I get a copy of the list he dictated to a friend over the phone.

I’ll pass this along. Humorously you can buy books for Ian & Nobody via purse with Crypto and have them sent to the jail if I’m not mistaken.

thanks jackie … i have a relative now who has volunteered to send them mail

“When the first 200 letters came, the guards gave me back my clothes. Then the next 200 came, and the prison director came to see me. When the next pile of letters arrived, the director gotin touch with his superior. The letters kept coming and coming: three thousand of them. The president was informed. The letters still kept arriving, and the president called the prison and told them to let me go.” -Julio de Pena Valdez, (Dominican Republic prisoner helped by Amnesty International).

Let’s up our game folks!

Thank you @jackie1776 and everyone who sent books and letters while I was jailed for 69 days. @Nobody is still in so please keep writing him!

when I got back from the bitcoin gandhi march on June 2 I had two returned letters that i had tried to send rich. one was because “brown stain”

i’m not even easily able to see the stain, i guess you can’t spill any tea on your correspondence… has to be really clean paper… also they rejected Astrid’s illustrations for ian which were in colored pencil… they accused it of being crayon. Real War Crime on her end, that.

don’t for get rich guys! instructions for mailing him are above! also isn’t there somethign going on with one of the NH first amendmenet auditors? Joa would know more… that guy who always has the pink pig doll with him …hasn’t he been arrested or something , in the line of duty? or is its someone else?

Yea, there is, and there are a number of individuals who have legal cases going on. We need to tell those stories and support them as well as best we can. The reality is we got a ton of great stuff going on and it’s a shame to waste a good story. The more people know about whats going on the more people who flock here in droves.