Possible action items related to the FBI Bitcoin raids in New Hampshire

  1. Let us know where any detainees still-in-detention are being held and how do we go about communicating with them?
  2. Let is know, Are any demonstrations scheduled? Details please.
  3. Tell us what is the status of this forum… are people still able to sign up for it so they can post here?
  4. Action item suggestion from a viewer: “Contact high end attorneys, such as the ones who freed OJ Simpson, etc.”
  5. Let us know what actions you are taking or have taken and if you’d like us to publicize your name and what you’ve done
  6. Another scheduled protest or two would be helpful, particularly outside the Concord Fed building during business hours. Since I don’t have a car I’ve just set up the protest at KPD for today.
  7. We need video…there is hardly any video from any of these incidents, please post links to the videos you’ve uploaded. Stills as well.
  8. Tell us what else needs doing?

I’ll try to update this list as new action items become available.

Update 3/24/2021:
9) Bill Hurley posts this suggestion: "media control…headlines…getting cryptos out of the main topic cuzzz it’s going to be about attacking cryptos linked to illegal activities, " ( I may not agree with that one , but I did ask for suggestions).
10) Writing Letters to the Editor opposing these raids or what not: The best options in my experience have been:
Letters To The Editor | sentinelsource.com and Letters to the editor guidelines
11) Post what you know, espcially video, to this thread or keep an eye on it: NH: FBI Bitcoin Raid. Main thread, one stop shop for info - #20 by RidleyReport2
(This is an attempted one-stop-shop for information on the raid and its aftermath)
12) Send people to this post, the action items post. Possible action items related to the FBI Bitcoin raids in New Hampshire
for me only: churchill quote about london, mention that 4 square blocks were shut down in some form or fashion
list of what to do better next time , protocol for me
13) Send mail anyone still in detenion and post/update any contact info you have for them.
How to contact NH liberty activists behind the wire
14) Protests would help, outside any jails that are housing them or will be in the future, or pretty much any connected govt. location.
15) Donating at TheCrypto6.com
16) Getting our old MailToJail.com service running again… back in the 2010 era when we had a fair number of jailed activists, this got set up so you could email a letter to them and they would turn it into postal mail. .
17) Irving has suggested calling the NH Federal courthouse (603) 225-1423 . I did that back around 2006 and was even able to talk to Ed Brown’s prosecutor before the standoff.
18) Filing a freedom information act to try and force the release of video footage which security cameras apparently did film of the raid. Ian reports that video was seized by the authorities. Chris shot video of them disconnecting the cameras.
19) Join this forum and/or http://www.ronpaulforums.com/ (I’m using the latter as a backup in case this one goes down; maybe you have better ideas for a backup).
20) The NH liberty activists have Signal and Telegram groups that are very active; you can join those too. Can someone post links to these?

On #1:
Per the Keene Sentinel, Ian Freeman is still held at Merrimack County jail in Boscawen and has been since Tuesday.
Source: Prosecutor: 'hordes of cybercriminals' bought virtual currency from Keene resident

Not finding much on the others, but I will keep digging later today.

I can approve new users. I don’t seem to get an email about it right away. I don’t know if any else still free is an admin.

Rich was denied bail. Ian has a bail determination pending as of Friday afternoon. They are both in Merrimack County. They are not eligible for visits but you can write them at 314 Daniel Webster Highway
Boscawen, NH 03303. Rich’s legal name is Nobody. What I personally did to avoid confusion was write “Nobody formerly Rich Paul” on the envelope.

Everyone else was released on bail, however they have limited if any ability to communicate. Their phones were all stolen and they can only get online or make/receive calls with PO approval.


this link gives updates to the case, with the option of getting email alerts, presently, the courts’ decision on Ians bail is pending, still . *I don’t know how quickly info goes from the court to this site… but it’s the quickest and most accurate info i know of

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Good link. Thanks.

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are people still able to sign up for it so they can post here?,

Yes, as mel said, she and I are both able to and are approving new people here who sign up for the forum.

“Contact high end attorneys, such as the ones who freed OJ Simpson, etc.”

Already working on it.

Ian Freeman: He’s secured his own attorney
Colleen Fordham: A work in progress
Renee Spinella: Attorney obtained
Andrew Spinella: Attorney obtained
Nobody: We’re still trying to get in touch with him; failed video conference today at 11:30 (no answer at the jail he’s being detained at)
Aria DiMezzo: A work in progress

We need video…there is hardly any video from any of these incidents, please post links to the videos you’ve uploaded. Stills as well.

Vincent has edited another video I recorded of the raid on the Bitcoin Embassy and incidentally mistakenly the Mighty Moose Mart convenience store (? were they really that stupid or just fucking with us, probably the later, but who knows ?). They stole a safe in the back of the convenience store rather than the vending machine they sought (it’s impossible to confuse the Bitcoin Embassy and the Mighty Moose Mart, there is clear signage, and well, a vending machine doesn’t look like a safe hiding in the back of a convenience store, none-the-less 15 minutes after taking that convenience store safe it was returned to the store, I believe damaged, but not everything stolen, point of sale equipment was returned even though it had nothing to do with crypto let alone the sale of crypto or the supposed reason for the raid). Watch the video below and you can see them haul away a fucking safe for the convenience store- does that look like a vending machine to you?:

are Ian Freeman and “Nobody formerly known as Rich Paul” still at

314 Daniel Webster Highway
Boscawen, NH 03303

and what is the earliest date at which each of them could be released?

I went ahead and called the jail partly to raise the reputation of our men behind the wire and partly to get a sense of what restrictions there are on mail…they indicated no stickers, no polaroids, no staples or paper clips…i asked if there is a limit on how many pages I can send, what would happen if i sent a 40 page printout and they indicated it would probably be possible for the targeted detainee to read it but not for them to keep it indefinitely.

They said Nobody and Ian are still there as of 3/27 12pm. The man who answered was friendly and helpful…but when I asked if Ian Freeman and Nobody were still there… I forgot to refer to them as political prisoners.

so there was a non -public hearing this week but Ian still has no decision on bail, and it’s been a week or more.
I’ve called the federal court house and left a message.
Maybe people could call the court, and make inquiries; It certainly couldn’t hurt.

This is the number 225-1423 (603)

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Suggestion: What about adding a new URL that links to TheCrypto6.com ? “FreeTheCrypto6.com.” that way if you chalk the URL somewhere, or spread it in some other way, the URL becomes an action item rather than just sounding like the name of a band.
obviously not all 6 of them are in jail , but they all still need freeing!

If someone wants to use FreeTheCrypto6.com let me know and I will register it, but otherwise we got a ton of domain names already and I’m not that keen on registering yet another domain name without good cause. All these domain names cost money and it slowly adds up over time.

i will probably use it on signage at the 4/9 thru 4/11 protests, if it exists by that time. sorry for the extra hassel chris but i think it will be worth it. very helpful for chalkers especially.

No problem. I registered FreeTheCrypto6.com and I will use a redirection so it sends people to TheCrypto6.com as soon as the domain is “secured” and it’ll let me point it at the main URL.

Ok, domain secured. Both FreeTheCrypto6.com and www.FreeTheCrypto6.com are setup to redirect to https://www.thecrypto6.com/ now. It will take a little while for the DNS stuff to propagate still, but it’s done. If it doesn’t propagate in the next 24 hours send me an email and I’ll investigate it further. I have no reason to believe it won’t work though at this point.

thanks so much penguin: You are exceptional.

if there’s a ride from Keene, id go… if i had one

i brokered something that could get Ian out!!!
All because of me!

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That is quite a tease! Be sure to send updates when you can disclose more information.

Ok its like this: I watched Ians bail hearing. Where the prosecutor said that he didnt have community ties. Which I knew was false.
So I called Mister Sisti, Ian’s Attorney, and told him that Ian has been a major donater to the Hundred nights shelter, here in keene.
Then he told me that it could be very helpful if someone at that shelter sent him papers showing that.
So I called the shelter and learned that not only was Ian a big supporter there, he did MONTHLY donations, This is almost for Ians whole time in keene, over ten years.
So I spoke to the boss at the shelter and she said shed call his lawyer, whose number I provided her.
NOW, the ball is in her court and . Its just hoping she doesnt drop it. But I will check back with her.
Then I just emailed the lawyer and sent him Mindy’s phone number(boss of the shelter)… so they should have each other’s phone numbers, Thing is; the appeal of the bail decision is imminent and that’s what it would be for.

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thanks irving …

Though Mindy said she’d do it… i would not be at all surprised if she conciously decides not to.
Even though all she’d have to do is tell the facts.
And even though she could save him from being in jail.
Because it’s in fashion to dislike Ian.
I know her a little… It would not surprise me at all if she doesn’t do it. UPDATE… I a able to reach Don Primrose… who is the one who started the shelter and is, imho, a person of more honor and integrity… and he seemed open to helping… So they both have the the lawyers number now