How to contact jailed NH liberty activists

Yesterday I got yet another letter returned to me after sending it to rich. This time the notice on the mail said something like “return to sender , undeliverable, unable to follow”

I calculate about 70 percent of my letters to him have bounced, but this is the first one that indicated he might no longer be at the jail…anyone know what is up?

Also I think this is the NH First Amendment Auditor who has been getting arrested in the line of duty:

How did you address it?

He’s just contacted us. He is in the same jail in a different cell. Don’t put the cell # on the address.

looking at the envelope now it was addressed to "Nobody AKA Rich Paul
Merrimack Co. Jaill
314 D.W. Hwy
Boscawen, NH 03303 "

sticker says “Return to Sender Not Deliverable as addressed unable to forward. sort in manual only no automation”

Rich has indicted that the 100 pages windows wordpad size 9 font I printed out and was gradually sending him…is too small for him to read well. So I’ll probably send the remainder to the other prominent NH political prisoner…Swatted and jailed for little more than being at the Bundy ranch standoff in camos… some say after it was over! Got this from his wife a couple days ago:

"Gerald DeLemus 15263-049
FMC Devens
Federal Medical Center
P.O. Box 879
Ayer, MA 01432
Also people can go to "