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plus frequent coverage on http://FreeTalkLive.com and some more minor outlets

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" Letter: Secessionist don’t belong in government

Dec 17, 2020 





Secessionists don’t belong

To the Editor: More than 100 elected Republican politicians have recently participated in efforts to destabilize the Union. This observer does not see how oaths of office can be administered to persons who seek secession. In my opinion, such persons have given up their rights to participate in any American government.


Dublin "

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I wonder what “efforts” he is referring to.


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9/24 am Called WCRN Worchester MA , let them know about the Independence Amendment and the Union Leader poll where 71% of respondents were supportive. The hosts spent the netxt 10 minutes discussing the idea and then a caller called in and called it the dumbest idea he’d ever heard but said he could sympathize with our frustration.

You can call WCRN friday mornings and change the subject.

Other recent coverage: https://freedomwire.com/new-hampshire-secession-talks/



this one had 43 comments as of a few days after publication, the first commenter is Dan Itse, author of new hampshire’s HCR 6 in 2009… it was “breakaway republic” in tone and triggered a friendly crowd of about 500.

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More coverage from TimCast New Hampshire, Texas Set Precedents As They Consider Secession, The US Is Falling Apart - YouTube



https://youtu.be/HouVA8zlo20 Calexit interviews Nhexit’s Mike Sylvia

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Other House members signed a petition asking the last election to be declared null and void, and for the state to secede from the union and become its own sovereign body.

And one representative, Michael Sylvia, requested a proposed constitutional amendment be drafted for the 2022 session declaring the state’s peaceful independence from the United States to become a sovereign state.

The CACR is also sponsored by eight other Republican House members including Raymond Howard, who with Sylvia and seven other House members, sought the state’s independence through a petition filed with the Secretary of State’s Office in late December.

Slyvia has said he is introducing the proposed amendment due to the federal government’s actions to deal with the pandemic including vaccine mandates.

During this year’s House session, several attempts were made to oust the eight representatives who signed the independence petition, but were either called out of order or voted down.

While Sylvia has filed his proposed amendment, a bill request has also been filed establishing a process to oust legislators who violate the section of state law dealing with insurrection, rebellion or giving aid or comfort to enemies of the state.

The House or Senate would be able to remove the representative or senator if he or she violates the law, according to the bill introduced by Rep. Bill Marsh.

He said the bill is intended to offer a procedure to remove lawmakers who participate in an insurrection and other specific actions against the state.

The bill also prohibits anyone from holding state office if they participate in an insurrection or rebellion against the federal government.

A two-thirds vote by the U.S. House or U.S. Senate would be needed to allow the person to hold state office.

Under the bill, “an ‘insurrection or rebellion’ shall include action intended to separate New Hampshire from the United States, and ‘aid and comfort’ shall include any action facilitating such intent.”

Marsh said he has a number of House members as co-sponsors and is working to add several senators.

The bill, if it were to become law, certainly would mean consequences for those who seek to have New Hampshire leave the union, while many debate whether it is more patriotic to object to government actions or to hold those people responsible.

But in either case, there should be consequences for a person’s actions, and that has been missing in many recent situations.

Garry Rayno may be reached at garry.rayno@yahoo.com.
Escaping Consequences Is Happening Too Frequently - InDepthNH.orgInDepthNH.org

he couldn’t quite wrap his mind around you representing 3300 people

is my old district in CA … it has 470,000 people in it … one of 80

Garry Rayno seems to be pulling in events from last year and this that may not be related … like people trying to oust your co-sponsors ???

LTE complaining about the Independence Amendment:
Opinion/Letter: Democrats must win in 2022 and 2024

" New Hampshirexit? - YouTube "

This next article was also on the Eagle Tribune site… but as of 10/13 it has disappeared from web searches:

Two copies of the same article, complaining about the Independence Amendment and earlier NH independence petition I had not even been aware of:

Escaping Consequences Is Happening Too Frequently - InDepthNH.orgInDepthNH.org


Escaping consequences does happen to frequently, if you invaded Iraq, ran a torture chamber at Bagram Air Force base, turned our rivers orange or did any of the other things the Feds have done with the money they stole from you. But apparently this last writer’s priority is to protect that group while punishing a minor 2020 legislative petition and a possible public referendum.

Another way to look at: We are the consequence.

The Tribune version of the article has now disappeared or been moved.

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https://www.youtube.com/user/lengthyounarther/videos anyone know who this guy is or how to contact? I need to add him to my media contacts.
" Why New Hampshire should SECEDE from the union, with Elliot "Alu" Axelman " how about her?

Seems like Lots of NH youtubers coming out of the woodwork and getting watched in new hampshire despite the deplatforming!

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Malice reviews “National Divorce is a poisonously stupid idea”


topic of the week National Divorce

Yes, just keep talking about it. Our plan is working…

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I was sent this one.

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I think I saw that one last year … but it is good.
I will add it to my latest link dump.

NH liberty activist interviews calexit… presumably with some mentions of NHexit stuff:

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“While it is true that in crafting our federal system, the founders stressed that power derives from the people and governmental functions should be carried out at the lowest level practicable, over time developments in commerce and technology have made it increasingly necessary to regulate matters at national or even international level. “

At least that guy in the LTE had the stones to attack the substance of independence as opposed to dismissing it. Meanwhile more coverage:

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