NH Independence Drive media coverage

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Another article mentioning NH independence movement and Mike Sylvia about halfway thru: " When it began, ‘I had no idea what it would look like’ "

Interesting how in 2002 Jason was sort of the independence advocate and I was sort of the opponent. Now we’ve more or less switched sides. He’s always worth listening to , because sometimes he’s right and you’re wrong.

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Some libertarians advocate secession, but Sorens has abandoned his original position.
When he first proposed the Free State Project in 2001, he suggested using the threat of secession to gain the state greater autonomy from the federal government. But a week later he backtracked, when his suggestion was welcomed by Confederate loyalists, white supremacists and provocateurs.
Since then, Sorens has written a book and several articles about secession, a course he allows may be appropriate to ethnic, linguistic minorities with well-defined cultures suffering discrimination in large states. Since these criteria do not apply to the 50 states, he dismissed secession by New Hampshire, as advocated for by Rep. Michael Sylvia, R-Belmont, and other libertarians, as “not likely or desirable.”

I don’t know if that is a very accurate portrayal of Jason’s current ideas. Check our podcast for him discussing it fully.


The twice-a-week Independence Drive meetings air on RidleyReport.com …although sometimes I miss one.

Meanwhile other coverage:

Matt Connarton Unleashed 10-27-21 Can’t remember where in this show the NH independence topic came up… this is me calling in

https://youtu.be/YOulp2MckR0 - NH Independence Debate in person two people.

Matt Connarton Unleashed 10-29-21 This is me calling in , Wmnh manch radio 10/29 – NH Independence Amendment comes up during first quarter hour

" Leonard Witt: Belknap Reps. Sylvia and Howard betray pledge of allegiance "

Mandate Madness - Part 2 (11 p.m.) - NightSide With Dan Rea | iHeart - This is one of my calls to big Mass. radio station, i get on at the 15 minute mark., only on hold for 30 minutes so this show definitely worth calling considering how large the audience is

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That says I founded the Foundation for New Hampshire Independence, but I’m not sure who did… I founded NHexit.com later. Maybe Carla founded FNHI?

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i replied with some of that info on twitter

also from our ally

" Roy Exum: The Truthful Politician - Chattanoogan.com "

" Shire Free Media "Is covering NH independence probably once a week on average… I won’t be able to link to every instance of coverage.


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The White Mountain Boys | Washington Monthly Mentions independence drive, says " Over the past two decades, Free Staters have walked a long path from obscurity and ridicule to undeniable power. "

The Joe Pags Show | iHeart Got on the air …I’m on the podcast file with the Independence news at about 47 mintues. Host said he hopes the Independence Amendment t will go through.

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very interesting list of reasons why no state can secede

Streng verboten! “In Germany there will be no revolution, because all revolution has been forbidden”

Meanwhile… NHexiters at yesterday’s Biden event making their own media!

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a Shire Welcoming Committee

from Penguin

New Hampshire Copying United States Independence From England

There exists a vocal minority-some in of which are in power- in the state who are against the ideals and freedoms all free people stand for. These loyalists you might say are trying to deceive you. They benefit from the status quo. They are telling us we can’t declare independence because it is illegal! They quote history selectively saying the courts have ruled- even though technically misleading- as those same courts merely ruled certain means to independence were illegal. They try to turn it into some sort of fanciful racist issue-despite there being nothing racist about independence. This isn’t the civil war- it’s independence from the king.

The United States itself is illegal under this failed logic and can’t exist. Britain didn’t authorize the colonies to declare independence after all. No, the colonies declared independence without the permission of the tyrants and king. In any independence movement there will always be loyalists to the tyrants in power. It is our duty, it is our obligation as free people to stay true to our beliefs and fight those who are selling out the people of New Hampshire for a little bit of personal gain.

New Hampshire independence has nothing to do with the civil war- it closely resembles the declaration of independence from Britain- an empire that at the time nobody thought you could stand up to or exit from. Yet we did. The British Empire has returned and it’s time for New Hampshire to once again lead the way in declaring independence from the new empire just as we led the way in declaring independence from the old empire.

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Previous Dem party chair uses the word “treasonous” in Op-Ed against NH Independence Amendment
" Kathy Sullivan: Snub of Senate race is Sununu's latest blunder "
Meanwhile another micro-meeting of local Exiters, which doubles as a podcast:
" NH Independence Drive, Nov. 23, 2021 meeting "

Union Leader appears to have either removed or paywalled the guest editorial which was basically calling you and me “treasonous.” Here is the Wayback Machine’s copy: Kathy Sullivan: Snub of Senate race is Sununu's latest blunder

Previous Dem party chair uses the word “treasonous” in Op-Ed against NH Independence Amendment

They cannot logically argue that secession from the USAn Empire is treason, since USA itself was created as the result of secession from the British Empire.

The real problem for NH Independence is that most NH residents don’t want it, and most of the rest will not be willing to fight for it. (By “fight” I of course mean Tax Resistance and Civil Disobedience, in my own example; never violence.)

The most popular politician in New Hampshire is fucking Bernie Sanders!!!

We need a smaller, more concentrated secession movement to break the ice. Trying to liberate a state with 1,400,000 non-libertarians is not the battle that anyone should be fighting.

it would be great if you chose a town and started