Free State To Receive More Visitors Post Jeremy Kauffman Interview

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Jeremy Kauffman, LBRY founder, Free State Project board member, husband and father, yesterday joined a two hour conversation with Tim Pool and Ian Crossland. It’s an informative, timely, and freewheeling exchange.

Kauffman did a bang-up job highlighting the already significant impact of liberty-oriented doers in the Free State of New Hampshire and the potential that exists here going forward. He is well-versed, on-point, and approachable, and his message will undoubtedly inspire viewers to visit (perhaps for Liberty Forum) and vote with their feet.

Take a look:

Props to Kauffman for taking the time and to Pool for extending an invite.



who are poole and crossland. i don’t see a link to the conversation. did he talk about NH independence?

thanks for posting this !

Here’s a direct link to the video: Timcast IRL - Democrats New Bill Mandates Vaccine Or Test For Domestic Flights w/Jeremy Kauffman

It is embedded in the post on but for some reason didn’t initially feed properly to the post above. It’s now corrected.

Pool is Tim Pool. He has a regular online show a la Joe Rogan, discussing topics. I just learned of him recently when he mentioned NH Independence on a previous show: Major YouTuber Tim Pool Covers NH Independence News, Predicts US Breakup | NH Exit Crossland is his co-host / associate.

Thanks for following-up – I now realized I incorrectly wrote “Poole” in the original post rather than “Pool”. I’ll edit that now.

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