New here? Read this first!

To gain full access to this forum, you must post a mandatory introduction. Please post a brand new thread in the “Introduce Yourself” subforum, following the instructions in the pinned post, thank you!

So you are not confused with a spammer, please make sure your intro addresses these three things:

  1. Tell us about yourself.
  2. Why are you here?
  3. How did you find these forums?

As one of our ministers (Ian Freeman) who normally handles the elevating of new user posting privileges has been kidnapped and is currently being persecuted by terrorists calling themselves the federal government we’re asking new users or anyone else for that matter to email chris at thinkpenguin dot com whenever a new user joins the shire forum. Sending an email will likely greatly speed up the elevating of your posting privileges.

If your intro does not address these points, your account will not be approved and will be subject to deletion.

You can no longer reply to this thread. Please post a new thread answering these questions.


User Agreement:

Welcome to the Shire Forum. This forum is intended for discussion of Bitcoin and Media in the Shire (Commonly known as the geographic area called New Hampshire.) and it also has forums for signers of the Shire Society Declaration.

By accepting these terms, you understand and are agreeing to the following: I am a mature sovereign individual or I have parental consent to view the material contained within this site. I understand that I am solely responsible for the content of my posted messages. Furthermore, I agree to indemnify and hold harmless the owners of this forum and its staff.

I will not post the following content: advocating aggression, spam, racism, bigotry, trolling, flooding, advertisements, chain letters, pyramid schemes, and solicitations.

This forum has no obligations to me and I use it at my own risk. I understand that my posts can be viewed and saved by anyone surfing the site. I agree to abide by the rules in this thread and respect decisions of forum moderators.

While the Shire Forum is open to all peaceful people, this forum is private property and posting is a privilege, not a right. We reserve the right to refuse or remove access by anyone to this site for any reason, and to remove any posting from any forum for any reason.

Cross posting the same message to multiple areas of this forum is considered a form of spamming. Please insure each post is of an appropriate subject for the forum it is to be posted in. Moderators may move a post to a more appropriate area or delete a post that is not appropriate for this forum.

Please note that content is not edited or sanitized for your protection. This forum may contain offensive language and images. That said, trolling and chronic dissent and naysaying will be removed repeat offenders will be subject to temporary and permanent bans. Moderators have full discretion about assigning account restrictions. Your account may be deleted after 365 days of inactivity.



Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the user preferences here. Click your user icon in the top right, then select the gear icon. Here, in addition to setting basic profile information and photo you can also:

  1. Set various notifications, including watching for all new posts in a given forum here. Scroll down to “Categories - Watched” and type in the forums you want to watch for new posts.

  2. If there are participants you’d prefer to not hear from, you can “mute” them and not receive any notices about their posts. Scroll down to “Users - Muted”.

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