Expanding & extending the 'Free State' concept

I understand that the state motto “live free or die” was the basis for calling libertarians to move to New Hampshire. But we all know the majority of americans do not feel this way about liberty today. So why New Hampshire, then? Why did you not pick some place where the weather is nice, like an island in the caribbean or something??? Where else are people doing this? And how about time shares, or a libertarian AirBnB?

I wish you all the best, but libertarians need to think bigger: we need to take one county in every state - and we need a network of RV parks that are equally spaced by traveling time. (Some of us will never ‘put down roots’ and buy a house so long as we have to pay school property taxes, because the public school system is a corrupt monopoly run by a band of pirates.)

The Disney corporation created a municipal government and a town for its employees. Now SpaceX plans to do something similar. Do you think this is a tactic which libertarians should explore? Do we need a municipal charter that specifically guarantees the kind of liberties which American governments routinely violate?

I also think we need to cultivate alliances with native american tribes – especially those which have their own federally recognized territory. We should buy their cannabis & tobacco, and use their currency, to empower them politically and economically - because they have treaties which recognize their independence. I would rather use a ‘Crazy Horse dollar’ than the currency of the American Federal Empire - and I don’t mind using fiat if it’s issued by a tribe which is going to reserve a place for those who love liberty.

I like the idea of Bitcoin but it’s not a practical medium of exchange because it cannot support many transactions per second, and everyone is holding their crypto expecting it to increase in value forever. There are far more efficient and private cryptocurrencies which we could use, if we could find some way to rate-limit currency production without resorting to ‘mining’.

We also need to take advantage of the current pandemic of virtue signaling: the left says they support the rights of minorities now. I don’t really believe them – but I think we can use this political momentum to obtain state & federal recognition for indigenous tribes which did not get a reservation by treaty. I want to be an “indian citizen” and support the tribes which will defend freedom! I would volunteer to teach, or work for a tribal government on infrastructure projects, in exchange for protection from the criminals in state & federal government who want to tax my homestead and dictate what I can grow in my garden!

If all of the indigenous peoples would unite politically & economically under the banner of liberty, and properly leverage what they already have, I believe there would be a renaissance, and liberty would spread throughout the land along with prosperity.

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Hello and welcome. While your post is lengthy, it does not address the required questions for an intro post. Please review this post and then respond with the answers, thank you:

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Welcome! Sounds like you’ve got a lot of great ideas. Unfortunately, the common denominator amongst them is that you seem to be asking other people to do them for you.

I look forward to seeing and possibly joining any of the libertarian Caribbean islands, time shares, AirBnBs, RV parks, municipal governments, or indigenous tribes that you form/build/create/set-up.


I thought it explained ‘why I am here’ reasonably well enough, but I did forget to say how I found you because I have been working 18 hour days and I become forgetful when I am tired. So yeah, I stumbled across FTL because it was mentioned in an article that was linked on a cryptocurrency news site.

I respect the rights of others, and that includes your right to run this place as you see fit. However, I despise unreasonable regulations and feel like this “introduction” requirement is an example of that:

I am not used to operating in forums and groups which require a formal introduction. In fact I would be hard-pressed to find another forum with as many rules as this one. But there are 7 billion people on this planet and I cannot connect with all of the ones that I need to in the time allotted. Unnecessary formality reduces communications efficiency.

So you want to interrogate me – well I have a right to scrutize you as well, and I have learned what I needed to know: I can’t get on board with the Democrats or Republicans, but I guess I do not fit in here either. No matter… I have lots of free software to make, networks to build, and other people that need my help. I have no time to waste on pointless rules & regulations. We can agree to disagree, and I sincerely wish you success, because at least you do not oppose my freedom of choice.

I am used to working on projects where there is no leader (such as community developed software, which nobody can own.) When I want to build something that I think is great, and it cannot be done by one person, I must present my ideas to others and see if they agree. (I think that’s called voluntaryism?) And you are using some stuff which I helped to build – so I hope you enjoy it, and I hope that it makes you more productive. You’re welcome.

I actually spend more time doing volunteer work for others than I spend on doing things exclusively for myself. So I think your perceptions of what I am doing here are distorted by your own ego:

You seem to be saying that we are not welcome to share bold new ideas in your domain, if they were not YOUR ideas. But how then can we accomplish anything, if we cannot find other people who want to work on the same things?

Oh, well… I am slightly disappointed – but I am grateful for the chilly reception: it’s better to get rejected up front than to waste years going down the wrong path with the wrong people. (I also think it’s a humorous irony that you have a greeter bot in your chat room because people are often treated better by machines than they are by human beings.)

In other words, I am free to do those things ON MY OWN – but I am not welcome to solicit partners here if I want it to be a communal effort. Okay, I get it. I will respect your territory and move along. I don’t have time and resources to spare on conflict. But as for your philosophy:

Could I do things in the monopoly capitalist way? Could I be the CEO, and create a franchise? Could I create a publicly-traded company and fund the operation by issuing stock? Of course. But then the system has a single point of failure: incompetent management could bring the whole system down, like Sears or Radio Shack. Or it could be destroyed in a hostile takeover by corporate raiders who just want to liquidate everything.

In case you didn’t notice, private equity firms are now buying up trailer parks and raising the rents when they don’t need to do that to cover expenses. Humanity cannot afford this kind of nonsense: we need to protect our traditions of independence and decentralization. The continued concentration of power in Washington and Wall Street will doom us all. We need to focus more on network building, and creating constructive examples that people will flock to, instead of looking for the last redoubt.

That’s my opinion, and if you don’t agree, I will search elsewhere for those who do. I still enjoy some of the shows on LRN and I think the success of the service can be measured by how well it routes information to the people who can make the best use of it. (And the fact that common handles are not taken here means there are few users, so this forum is probably not a highly valuable resource which I would miss.)

If you guys don’t like what I have to say, just remember that you asked for this: who I am and what I am doing here is inextricably related to my opinions, so when you interrogate me for no reason, and demand that I explain my motivations, you are going to get an earful.

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We have simple rules that are designed to keep spammers out. They work very well. They also help us learn about our new users. If you don’t like it, as you said, please go elsewhere.

You have now been approved. Try not to be so grumpy. Jeez.



The state motto was not the reason for moving to NH. It doesn’t hurt.

The weather here is great. I’ve lived and traveled around the world and find New Hampshire to be hands-down the best weather, but value is subjective. I’m fine with snow keeping the uncommitted out.

I disagree that what you have presented is “thinking bigger” but rather it is “thinking smaller”. It dilutes the potential.

“How about a libertarian x,y,x” - come here and find out what’s going on.

You are delusional if you think your rent at an RV site is not paying property taxes and income taxes thus finding war and indoctrination.

Alliances with the indoctrinated do not work for me. I’d rather find more people who have broken free than try to convert or team up. I don’t know of any truly freedom loving peoples other than those committed enough to move to New Hampshire. Literally everywhere else I’ve looked people are alone or scammers.

Crypto is awesome. I don’t use bitcoin for currency. Agreed that privacy coins are our future.

I don’t think trying to convince the federal government (or via voters) of anything is a worthwhile endeavor.

The why you are here is not explained explicitly but a bit implicitly.

Almost every group or forum I am a part of on any platform requires a similar introduction AT LEAST. I have been on forums since 1992.

You have interesting ideas and maybe enough drive. I don’t understand why you think a couple comments and a forum introduction means people don’t want you here.

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I understand that the state motto “live free or die” was the basis for calling libertarians to move to New Hampshire.

I co-ran the original vote, so I can say that there were a gazillion criteria in our spreadsheet (e.g. population, border state, ocean access, low amount of federally-owned land, accessibility of politics), and a gazillion more discussed in the forum, but the primary criterion for shortlisting was population. The first several thousand signers then voted among 10 candidate states. NH won, followed by WY, MT, and ID. Wisdom of the crowd.

I wish I had a bitcoin for every time someone questioned the choice, proposed some other trump criterion (I’m looking at you, Tim Condon), or proposed an entirely different approach (town, foreign country, ship). A lot of us from warm states (e.g. Ian here was in Florida) were skeptical of the decision, but I doubt that any experienced participants question it now. This does not mean that NH is the best place for every individual.


All I can say is FIND YOUR TRIBE! For those in the know, it’s the only way to even get close to living how you want to live. You have to consolidate. www.sovereigncigar.club is trying to help people understand this. But they get no love from the FSP that’s for sure.

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“My tribe” (real libertarians) have no desire to move to a state where Biden won by 7+ points!

Unless you focus on a specific non-communist sub-region of NH it is pointless.

I’ve been saying this from the beginning, and I was proven right. I originally suggested that FSP target just one island in Alaska. I did support NH after it was chosen, but gotta face the facts - it was a mistake.

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Which wanker from the Duopoly won the presidency is interesting, but only one criterion of many. Which state legislature flipped in 2020? Only NH, to the GOP. How about gun rights? How about education freedom? How about a million other objective measures?

After NH won the state vote, a few disgruntled people started Free State Wyoming and moved there. Everybody’s got an opinion.

real libertarians
And there we go with the “more libertarian than thou” crap. Is this a bot?


You are not a libertarian.

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This is an articulate discussion of the significance of Biden’s win over Trump in NH:

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You’ve heard of the Dominion voting machines right ? I was listening to an interview with a N.H. doctor who spoke with Project Veritas that was convinced the presidential votes were flipped. Doesn’t that sound strange and yet be the only state in the last election to entirely flip to an all Republican state government ? Hmmm.


You are not a libertarian.

Your avatar is Milton Friedman, who defended things far more cringe-worthy than Trump.

You should avoid talking about things you know nothing about.

You should avoid talking about things you know nothing about.

This is exactly why I gave up on the Free State Project. Anonymous cowards, whose libertarian credentials are many orders of magnitude below my own, shitting on me for no good reason.

I’ve been a tax resister since 2004. I’ve read more libertarian philosophy than you would in a dozen lifetimes. I do civil disobedience every fucking day. I’ve devoted my whole life to this.

Lol aright bro.

You on another thread:

Yes, personal secession is the way. We need to support each other in order for it to work though. Preferential treatment when buying, selling, hiring, protection. Like a real community.

You on this thread, for no coherent reason:

You are not a libertarian.

(The worst possible insult for someone like me.)

Are you suffering from schizophrenia?

You vote. Therefore, you are anti-liberty. Not only do you vote, you vote for Trump. You have no inkling of what liberty is. You are a clueless hack, sheep, at the very start of the Dunning-Kruger scale.

You are a 350lbs sack of dead weight for all who support freedom. You, and people like you are what make the matrix possible. Calling you a Cypher would be a compliment. You surpass joke status, you are worse than a meme, people like you are what give voluntaryism (and libertarianism for that matter) a bad name.

You are a stat, a pawn, a drone, a pleb. In case you haven’t noticed yet, this is a liberty forum. You have not personally seceded so why would I support you? Why would I want you in my community? How could you ever add to my community in a positive way? You are the type of person John Galt would cut from the motors try-outs first.

Metamorphosis usually takes a while and is painful. If I had to guess I would say you have never had the opportunity to experience the type of pain and struggle that allows a person grow mentally/physically/spiritually.

I said my piece. I hope this helps you understand. None of this is supposed to be insulting. I’m just explaining what I perceive. All the best.

so far all this stuff other than new hamspshire seems like little more than talk , fundraisers, Thai boats raiding house sized sea-steads and liberland activists in neoUstasha jails. other than some bad PR for some governments, little of value has come of all this “second free state” stuff. why make it all so complicated? Just get your ass up here.

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