Join our "US-out-of-NH" protest tour April 9 to 11 (Fri-Sun)

You’re invited! Since I will briefly have a car during the weekend of April 9, I’m planning to attempt a “protest tour” around the state. This will mean trying to visit 5 of the bureaucracies tied to those FBI raids on NH Bitcoin activists. The planned locations are are all in New Hampshire. Tentatively these will be outside the following spots at the following times:

Friday April 9, 7:15pm (Protest #1): In front of Fed building / 275 Chestnut St., Manchester, NH
" NH: Protest #1 against Fed raids on local Bitcoin activists (Manch Fed Bldg) "
Saturday April 10, 2:00pm, (Protest #2): Near Fed bldg. / 53-55 Pleasant Street, Concord, NH
" NH: Protest #2 against Fed raids on local Bitcoin activists (Concord Fed Bldg) "
Saturday April 10, 5:00pm (Protest #3): DW Hwy across from Merrimack Co. jail holding our detainees /
314 Daniel Webster Highway, Boscawen, NH
" NH: Protest #3 against detention of Bitcoin political prisoners "
Sunday April 11, 2:00pm (Protest #4): Near Main post office / 955 Goffs Falls Rd, Manchester, NH
" NH: Protest #4 against Fed raids on local Bitcoin activists (Manch post office) "
Sunday April 11 5:00p (Protest #5): Near Bedford FBI office / Intersection of Bedford Rd. and Constitution Drive Bedford, New Hampshire /
" NH: Protest #5 against Fed raids on local Bitcoin activists (FBI office Bedford) "

More details/updates to follow on this thread. Here you should also find a list of free ways you can help without attending. The times/locations are not quite set in stone so be sure to double check that thread before showing up. Social distancing recommended, staying lawfully on right-of-way recommended.

Here’s background on the raids that sparked these protests: " NH: FBI Bitcoin Raid. Main thread, one stop shop for info "

And little-seen video of the raid:

Dave Ridley
NHexit dot com
“Independence without enmity”


The first one is posted to Facebook… Can you help me send out invites? I don’t have a lot of invites left before FB stops me from sending 'em.

" Protest #1 against Fed raids on NH Bitcoin activists (Manch Fed Bldg) "

Protest #1 against Fed raids on NH Bitcoin activists (Manch Fed Bldg)

"When: —> 7:15 PM! <— Facebook may screw up the time, but it’s 7:15PM! April 9, 2021
Who: & friends
What: Small “US-out-of-NH” demonstration…One of five.
Where: In front of the the ugly, fortified Federal building at 275 Chestnut St., Manchester, NH 03101
Why: What triggered this protest was the recent series of Fed raids against NH Bitcoin activists, at least one of them a no-knock armored vehicle attack. But that is just the latest grievance against a central government that physically tortures its enemies.
We (or at least some of us) are advocating for the orderly withdrawal of New Hampshire from the dysfunctional Federal Union.
How: This is one of 5 demonstrations I’m attempting across NH during the weekend of April 10. Social distancing encouraged, remaining outside Fed property encouraged.

i’m getting mixed results when i try to determine if the FBI office is still there in bedford…anyone know more?

Here is a list of ways you can help us react to the raids:

So a March ?18th? 2021 post advertising space at the same address suggests the FBI is still a tenant of the property.

“Existing tenants include: CEO, Imagistics, Pitney Bowes, Hallenback, Marketing Initiative, FBI, Future Plus Systems, Staples and Gale Associates.”


Unfortunately I won’t be able to make this event. I have Free Talk Live on Friday’s at 7PM in Keene, NH.

I think these dates and times are probably good unless someone knows differently. Although I doubt federal workers will be working on a weekend outside of the protest at the jail anyway.

I could probably make that, but it probably wouldn’t be worth it for me as I’d be coming from Keene. The sad reality is I have too much else going on to make this make sense for me. Though you probably were figuring people from that area would come out more so than people from Keene.

This event I can’t make unfortunately due to a show I do on Saturday in Keene that starts at 5PM. I would probably say this is a bad time to do this given the FBI likely won’t be working on Sunday let alone at 5PM. Understandably I get that agents working may not entirely matter depending on what one is trying to achieve.

I don’t know if this change would work for you, but I’d probably do this a little differently. I’d probably do the FBI offices at like 2PM on Friday as it’s more likely there will be agents working and actually see you protesting. Of course it’s not likely to actually change anything, but at least you get the photo op and someone will probably hear about it that is theoretically one of the oppressors.

i cannot practically reach the area of the FBI offices by your suggested time and date. So far I haven’t seen a reason to change any times or dates. For now the existing times and places stand. but I wish you could be there!

We have a new, relevant anti-Federal grievance. Their SEC has filed a complaint or lawsuit of some kind against the Mancheter-based, YouTube competitor LBRY…coming after them for millions without (as best I can tell so far) accusing them of hurting anyone. They are NH liberty activists, or at least some of them are.

Meanwhile, the Bedford FBI office location has been verified; it’s still there in Bedford

no changes so far to the protest schedule.

How did the jail protest go? I failed to alert people in time. I’m so sorry about that. err

there were 7 protests instead of the scheduled 5! but not all went as planned. i’ve been posting vids from the protests… on the main fbi raid thread below. you’ll probably have to scroll down for 20 seconds.

" NH: FBI Bitcoin Raid. Main thread, one stop shop for info - #21 by RidleyReport2 "

or you can just go to RidleyReport

I’m assuming you haven’t posted the jail house protest video? Or did that not go as planned? I’m definitely keeping my eyes open for that video.

i was posting one per day here, but they’re all up at (after that you click on the odyssy link)

Awesome! Thanks. Awesome video. I like your points. I’m going to air it on the next episode of Freedom Decrypted. Thanks for the video! You do amazing work.

work no one sees any more lol

I wuv you guys!

(From very far away, because reasons.)

Keep being awesome!

Isn’t it true that the sheriff is the highest law enforcement authority in a county and has the authority to deny the feds permission to conduct raids?

that is why sheriff rivera was able to make cheshire a sanctuary county against Fed immigration raids to some extent. maybe visiting NH sheriff’s offices with written requests asking them to become sanctuary counties against all victimless crime enforcemnt…would be useful.

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I like how YAL is scouting potential candidates, training them on how to campaign, and following up to make sure their candidates are voting their principles. Maybe they could add sheriff’s to their list of elected offices to fill.