NH: FBI Bitcoin Raid. Main thread, one stop shop for info

Mark Edge just reported that Ian was denied bail

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Ian Freeman called me from jail yesterday, and I was able to interview him with an audio recorder…making it his first broadcast from behind the wire.


what is his address and prison number… i heard you mail people by their prison number

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this thread has mailing details and instructions:
" How to contact NH liberty activists behind the wire "

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I don’t recall where the 19 properties # comes from exactly, but it was reported in one of a few places. I’m 99.5% confident it was 19 warrants that was brought up. I should probably point out that it may not be 19 properties, but 19 warrants too, so it’s possible that they searched vehicles and needed a warrant, or something similar too. Either it was during a hearing (probably the one for Ian Freeman for those who were watching that) and/or it was in a decision handed down for Ian Freeman. I believe that is where that # came from. We don’t know what the 19 properties that got searched were and they don’t seem willing to tell us. We do have some idea of the properties searched however. So, for instance all the places that had a vending machine got searched. Homes of at least one person working for the Shire Free Church got searched. I’ll resist naming names even though I know many of you will know who it was that had a less than prominent job. Then both the Leverett St addresses, the Mighty Moose Mart, the Bitcoin Embassy, the house next to it, and two more homes were searched of people arrested. 3-4 or vending machine locations (CampusCo in Keene was one of them). I can think of 8 or 9 properties that were searched. There may have been searches of a property that no longer had a vending machine on the day of the search (the Thirsty Owl, and it is possible that they had a warrant for Lucky 7 Bar & Grille by association as the same guy runs a bar at that address, but I didn’t hear anything from the bar the day of the raid or day after actually when I went in, so I don’t know for sure), but the machine got moved just prior to the raids, but I can’t confirm that was one of the claimed 19 properties that they had warrants for. Anyway- yea- it’s a question that has been brought up before. What were the 9 or 10 places searched that we haven’t identified? We just don’t know at this time.

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5 more demonstrations now tentatively scheduled around the state to protest these raids. Weekend of April 9. I need help spreading the word; running out of facebook invites.

" US-out-of-NH protest tour April 9-11 (Fri-Sun) "

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I can help promote it, but there were some things you might want to adjust before I take the leap and start telling people about the dates, times, and locations. See other thread about that.

According to a 4/8 post by Irving on the thread " Possible action items related to the FBI Bitcoin raids in New Hampshire - #16 by irving12 "

the bail appeal hearing is imminent. anyone know more or have info on how it can be viewed?

NOBODY calls into ftl from jail 4/10… he’s at 20 minutes in Episode - April 10th 2021 | Free Talk Live

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Cops confront videographer trying to film the raid at Mighty Moose mart

USPS was involved in the case, its enforcement wing participated n the investigation. Here is the demonstration at their big facility in Manch

Link for mailing letters to jail.

Monsuier Freeman called into free talk live tonight in the first segment so maybe someone will want to post the archive

How to contact Ian Freeman & Nobody:

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I got investigated on the way to the concord protest! the protest itself appears later in the vid.

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Can anyone verify for me, preferably with some original source… how many NH Bitcoin machines did the Feds seize on 3/16? Was it the Feds who did so in every case?