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Cantwell interviews Propertarian-extraordinaire Curt Doolittle!

The combined IQ of this conversation cannot be stored in an 8-bit integer!

(Disclaimer: like half of Cantwell’s donors are Jews. And so am I.)

You are only a Jew if you want to be. You can give up the Jew card.

I was hoping for a discussion of his podcast, especially that episode with Mr Propertarianism himself.

Did FTL ever cover the situation in Ukraine that comes anywhere close?

You are only a Jew if you want to be.

I’ve always been an atheist, so we’re talking about ethnicity here. I can’t change my DNA.

No matter how much I criticize the historical and current problems of my ethnic group (the subconscious tendency to lead / manipulate / undermine other ethnic groups, their overwhelming support of Bolshevism, the Jewish terrorism, Zionism, historical lies, etc) - I can never stop being a Jew.

You can give up the Jew card.

It’s not a “card”, it’s a disclaimer. When dealing with our White Nationalist allies, I think disclosing my ethnicity from the start is the polite thing to do. I don’t what to “infiltrate”, just have a dialog and cooperate.

I know I’m not welcome in their Whites Only neo-nations, but we can (and should) still be allies in our common secessionist cause. I think my racially blind Nerds Only start-up nation (and others like it) will do better - we can agree to disagree.

No enemies under NAP!

That is a choice. I’ll certainly consider you one if you consider yourself one.

Brother Nathanael is an ex-Jew. He was born to two Jewish parents. He turned in his Jew card a long time ago.

Shlomo Sand also turned in his Jew card.

That is a choice.

How one acts is a choice. One’s DNA is not. (This includes the chromosomes that determine gender.) Even if/when it’s possible to alter one’s cells through some post-CRISPR tech, you cannot change the past - you only have one original DNA you were born with…

I’ll certainly consider you one if you consider yourself one.

Yeah, everyone is now being conditioned to accept anyone’s claims uncritically - or the Trannie Mafia will get them fired, blacklisted, silenced on all platforms, and turned into an “unperson”. So mindless acceptance is no longer a great leap of genuine compassion, nor a virtue of any sort - it is a necessity of survival.

But brave rational thinkers can do better. It’s OK to criticize the common problems among the LGBT+s, blacks, Jews, etc.

Brother Nathanael is an ex-Jew. He was born to two Jewish parents. He turned in his Jew card a long time ago.

He’s still a Jew. He’s an ex- follower of Judaism, since converting to Christianity. But you cannot change your genetics.

For example: he, like all ethnic Jews, can get an instant Israeli citizenship - and that puts him in a different class of people as far as our Nationalist allies are concerned.

So, while I reject the Jewish religion, culture, language, prevailing political biases, and collectivist identity - I immutably remain a Jew for life.

It’s OK - Cantwell can ban me from his Whites Only trailer park - no harm done. :wink:

He isn’t a Jew according to the Jewish nation and the law of return. I find it hard to believe you didn’t know that.


4B. For the purposes of this Law, “Jew” means a person who was born of a Jewish mother or has become converted to Judaism and who is not a member of another religion."

If you could upload yourself into a robot, would you still be Jewish?

Just listened to this Doolittle guy. He seems kind of stupid.

I never actually inquired, because Israel is the absolute last place in the solar system I’d ever want to move.

But I do know that a zillion Soviets moved to Israel just because they (or their spouse) had one ethnically-Jewish grandparent (or could forge the paperwork). There’s a whole comedy genre about how they didn’t know the first thing about Judaism, and didn’t really care. Some of my family used Israeli pressure to get out of USSR in 1979, but then (fortunately) came to America instead.

A quote from a footnote of the Wikipedia article:

“The bottom line is that if your father is Jewish or if any of your grandparents are Jewish from your father’s side - even if you’re a Messianic Jew - you can immigrate to Israel under the law of return[;] or under the law of citizenship if you marry an Israeli citizen.” [If it’s the mother’s side there’s no question.]

So, if Brother Nathanael can make right with the rabbis, he can get an Israeli citizenship in a jiffy. It would theoretically be even easier for me - no one treats atheism as being “a member of another religion”. (And I’m not going to falsely convert to Christianity for personal gain. I hate lies!)

Like I said, that’s one of the understandable reasons for the Nationalists’ distrust of Jews. Another is all the left-wing political bullshit my distant relatives have been the head of. Trust isn’t a right - it must be earned, and only by the other person’s own subjective standard.

Now there’s a more interesting discussion. Please explain.

And an even more interesting discussion is his debate with Kokesh:

 How about you   ?

The War on Everyone is a 5-part audiobook by Robert Evans. It’s a complete history of the ideas, the tactics and- of course- the bastards who built the framework for the current surge in far-right terror we’re all living with today.

Seems like a non-sequitur.

Christopher Cantwell is a Keene resident, member of the Free State Project (the concept, not the corporation that’s been hijacked by leftists), and its leading thinker who is actually advocating for building voluntary communities and secession in northern New Hampshire. He has never advocated any violation of the Non-Aggression Principle, so I do still consider him a libertarian.

I never heard of this Robert Evans guy (who’s obviously not the famous Hollywood producer of the same name, RIP). In five minutes of research I’ve found nothing to indicate he’s not a total nobody. His Twitter account contains lies, pro-war propaganda, lies, encouragement to deface historical monuments, lies, lies, threats to “kill nazis” (presumably anyone who doesn’t like Bernie Sanders), lies, and other typical commie tripe. It’s a pretty safe bet that he violates the Non-Aggression Principle twenty times each day before breakfast.

Christopher Cantwell is the most rational and eloquent voice in discouraging the use of violent tactics, in contrast to the aforementioned boogeyman Timothy McVeigh.

The claim that “far-right terror” is something that “we are all living with today” is absolutely laughable. Left-wing terror reigns supreme, in control of the state, media, popular culture, and all dominant Internet platforms. Left-wing terrorists win awards. Right-wing freedom fighters get censored, lied about, ostracized, and can barely as much as open a bank account. Their employers are bullied into firing them, their family members into disowning them. I have utmost empathy for people who, like myself, pay such a high price and suffer for the sake of Truth.

I tried to listen to that “The War On Everyone” audio-book, but the first 90 seconds contained so many historical lies it made me quiver with indignation. You’ve presented no reason to justify why this obscure cringe-fest of emotionalist cliches would be worthy of my time. I’ve lived in the Soviet Union - I’ve heard the exact same propaganda in the original Russian. I’d rather use my time to listen to every podcast that Cantwell puts out, twice.

Your feverish Libman.
I didn’t spam. I shared, looking to collect thoughts on it as I go through it my self. Today I will at least begin.

Yes I shared specifically wnthe Christopher Cantwell discussion because y’all are jew-hating which I couldn’t get behind… I don’t understand the backstories that lead you both to feel that way but it was obviously a good place to find some critique.
Always good to be questioned and expose yourself to other possibilities. I surely don’t want communism or socialism nor do I want whatever exists. I want free and interdependent communities that form, adapt, dismantle at their own will. But I don’t feel like hating Jews is necessary nor helpful there. I expect to have more of a response for you after I give a listen.

I can get very passionate in my writing. (If I was as passionate in going out to chop wood in the morning, my life would have been better.) Not sure if “feverish” is a good poetic analogue for “passionate”, but I’ll still take it as a compliment. :blush:

You pasted a link (which you’ve already pasted in a separate thread) without much of a connecting argument for this thread.

Based on what I’ve seen so far, it is an obscure re-parroting of the same Stalin-influenced FDRist leftist propaganda you’ll find elsewhere. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t read it - I’m just sure all of us have had nearly identical reading assigned to us in leftist-controlled government schools.

If you want to actually understand Fascism, why Hitler so feared the Jews, and who made the war inevitable, you should read the more intelligent historical commentators, starting with Solzhenitsyn, Victor Suvorov, Pat Buchanan, etc.

Fascism was a desperate pragmatic reaction to the greatest tragedy in human history: the Russian Revolution, and the very eminent threat of Communism taking over other nations and turning the whole world into a North Korea, with no frame of reference and no hope of escape!

There are other relevant books that intelligent and well-educated people should read (ex. Kevin MacDonald, David Irving, and even Mein Kampf), but they are by no means suitable for noobs.

You didn’t even read this thread, where I clearly state that I am a Jew! I love my Jewish parents. (Not wanting to leave them in their old age is the reason I didn’t move away to New Hampshire back in 2006-2010, when I still believed in the Free State Project.)

A huge fraction of the philosophers I admire the most (Ayn Rand, Murray Rothbard, Milton / David / Patri Friedman, Ludwig von Mises, Walter Block, Henry Hazlitt, etc, etc, etc) are Jews! That also happens to be about half of Cantwell’s “Recommended Reading” list!

There are countless great Jewish scientists, mathematicians, composers, programmers, business innovators, etc, etc, etc.

I’m tentsteading in Lakewood, NJ, one of the most Jewish places in the country, in large part because it’s super-easy to be a tax resister here, and most of my cash employers and agorist trading partners are Orthodox Jews.

Christopher Cantwell wants his private voluntary sovereign micronations (most likely an archipelago of trailer parks in northern NH) to be Whites Only. It is statistically accurate to say that members of the other major ethnic groups tend to prefer Big Government, censorship, gun control, and economic parasitism. There are obviously exceptions (like myself), but they are under immense enduring pressure to stab him in the back and “get back in the fold”.

It is his Right to freely associate with people on whatever basis he wants. No one is entitled to anyone else’s trust or respect - those must be earned on a voluntary basis. I would be excluded from his trailer park for being a Jew, which is fine. I too want my Right to discriminate on who can move into Libmania, only I would so it exclusively based on individual intelligence, virtue, philosophical compatibility, empathy for my life journey. I think my Nerds Only seasteads would do a lot better economically, but to each his own. We can “agree to disagree” and peacefully coexist under NAP.

And so it’s inaccurate to say that Cantwell “hates” Jews. You’ll find a hundred examples of him respectfully debating Jews on his show, like the aforementioned example of Adam Kokesh. He has Jewish supporters (including myself) who hate the injustice that has been done to him in our name.

Truth is a nanoparticle tightrope that even the most rational of philosophers struggle to walk on, especially as the winds of our emotions and biases push all of us in various directions. Hating all Jews is definitely a fallacy, criticizing the Jews too much is a fallacy, but being afraid to criticize the Jews is a very dangerous fallacy as well.

The “backstory” to criticizing the Jews is all of Jewish history, but, as libertarians, we are particularly concerned with their vastly disproportionate support for left-wing terrorism, communist revolutions, leftist historical lies, and the new leftist movements of the present day.

As a Jew, a son of Soviet party members, and a grandson of Bolsheviks, my primary duty to history is to criticize the Jews.

I must always remind readers of this disclaimer (although the lying commies will go out of their way to take me out of context anyway): everyone is an individual. No individual should ever be punished for things outside of his/her control, like what ethnic group they are born in.

But that doesn’t mean that groups cannot be statistically measured, analyzed, and criticized for their predominant tendencies. Russians, statistically speaking, have a problem with vodka. Jamaicans have a problem with pot. The traditional festive German cuisine is a heart attack waiting to happen (at least for those who have a hard time limiting their portions of processed meats). Most black people listen to more rap than Polka. Japanese people have a problem pronouncing consonant clusters with hard R’s. Etc, etc, etc.

And Jews have a problem with killing people like Stolypin (perhaps the most important politician in Russia’s history), the Russian royal family, Ernst vom Rath, Wilhelm Gustloff, and anyone else who stood in the way of communism - with tens of millions of victims in total. That small fraction of 1% of the world population constituted the majority of key Revolutionary leaders, from Marx to Trotsky to Dzerzhinsky to Rosa Luxemburg to Kurt Eisner trying to spread the Soviet Union to Bavaria. It’s hard to find any major evil in the 20th century that didn’t have some major financial, intellectual, or hands-on support from the Jews, including the things that made WW2 in Europe inevitable. Hitler’s Revolution was the only defense Germany had against the same collapse that had just destroyed Russia and turned it into a military dictatorship hell-bent on world domination. Vodka and pot would have been a lot less destructive!

Thousands of years of natural selection for intelligence and chutzpah explains this to a large degree. The story of the Jewish people will actually be quite sympathetic to the whole world, I think, as a super-successful minority destroying opponents orders of magnitude larger, but only after they stop being a threat to other nations. Above all else, I hate lies, which have been the primary weapon in Jewish historical success.

As an atheist I’m also not a fan of the Jewish religion (Judaism), which is in many ways more irrational, cultist, ethnocentric, collectivist, and brutal than the cultural mainstream in the nations where Jews had dwelt.

I’d be very happy to see more Jews become right-libertarian individualist atheist seasteading fans like myself. And maybe then more people like Cantwell will, in time, get over their Judeophobia… Maybe… If they want to… No pressure.

That’s the opposite of our ideological opponents, who specialize in control and censorship rather than openness and debate. Cantwell is banned not only from all social media but even basic banking services.

Again: no one here “hates Jews”!

Exposing and criticizing the problems common in a particular ethnic / cultural group is not “hate”.

Pasting a link to something you didn’t even listen to yourself is the height of intellectual laziness. It’s more respectful to your readers to have some intelligent ideas first, and to present them coherently. But I was in a mood to rant about this anyway, so my response is mostly for the benefit of this thread.

I did read that you are a Jew. I didn’t read all the way through the thread.

I will come back to re read your response after I finish this audiobook.

This response as a quick read sounds much more reasonable and I see I may have got you wrong. I will give more time to this later.

I guess I didn’t feel it was lazy BC I am going through it my self, I just wanted to see, regardless of my reaction, what would come from ‘the shire’