Calling talk radio

Here’s a partial list of my NH liberty talk radio calls over the last couple months. Low internet bandwidth has kept me from keeping records as well as usual or posting them to telegram reliably.

5:39p CALL FINISHED AT THAT TIME 6/3 got on air WMNH Manchester to talk about Ukraine, Lech Walenza’s NH visit and NH independence.
Matt Connarton Unleashed 6-3-22 about 2/3 throu=h the show

call finisehed at 814pm Free talk live got on air 6/3 to talk about lily tang williams and matt santonastaso . also called lauren canario to ask about putting up a sign for lilly.
about halfway thru the show
Show Archives | Free Talk Live 6/3 …the show, not the “diGest”

6/24: got on air WKBK radio Keene and WCRN radio in Mass… to talk about Porcfest and invite people to ForkFest. Got on air WCAP Lowell, Mass… to talk about NH gun freedom going along with its low crime rate…and how lack of gun freedom in Ukraine helped get them invaded, pointed out that they had 7 guns per 100 civilians in early 2022… while we had about 120 per 100. (The Ukrainian govt. did wisely remove these restrictions within days of the invasion).

Got on air approx 305p June 30 WTIC radio in CT… invited people to visit and vote against a new state tax with their feet .

Got on approx 425p June 30 WMNH radio manch to talk about new fed tax on radio stations and NH independence as the solution.

6/30 got on air about 1045p to say “no aggression, no grievance!” and try to make the point that just being an “illegal immigrant” does not make you a bad guy.

called howie carr chump line and mentioned NHexit.US 7/8/2022

7/9/2022 got on air free talk live about 720pm to talk about Texit alleging voter fraud against its candidates.

7/10 got on air about 740a wkbk radio to talk about The Resolve initiative in new hampshire

7/11 got on air approx 620 to talk about the scientificNH independence poll in progress

7/11 got on air FREE TALK live approx 725p to talk about lily tang williams skydive … poeple jumped out of a plane with lily signs. she’s a free stater or associated with free staters closely…running for congress. , ftl crew mentioned matt santonaso, one of the reps who organized this.

got on air free talk live 7/14/2022 approx 715p to talk about pro-exit rep mark warden’s request to help pro-exit state rep Mike Sylvia in primary.

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Got on air WKBK approx 615a around 7/15/2022 to complain about that fact that Keene Sentinel article on 2nd Congressional district race refused to mention lily tang williams… i mentioned that she is bascially the Ron Paul republican in the race.

got on air WMNH radio manch 7/18 5:20p to talk about gun freedom in schools , in response to a school security incident they were already talking about

got on air Free Talk Live 7:50p approx , around 7/20 i think, to talk about lily tang williams media underreporting in Keene, or rather at least in the Sentinel

July 22 fri 740a got on air WCRN radio worchester mass… to update listeners on NHexit status, the poll on whether nh should leave the union , and the creation of the NH independence PAC, mentioned NHexit.US

got on air approx 845p July 25 free talk live to talk about (free stater?) michael yakubovic (sp)? getting 4 bills passed in one year.

got on air WKBK radio keene 8/2 approx 620am to talk about concord monitor article reporting that number of NH police has gone up twice as fast as the population over last 20 years.

got on air 8/4 WCAP lowell Mass to talk about the free staters who temporarily cut the croyden school budget 50 percent and wound up in the new york times, with of course the usual invite to move here!

got on air 8/4 WCRN Worchester Mass to talk about immigration and the libertarian solution of opening the border and closing the welfare offices… if something’s wrong something’s banned, there’s no problem on the open border betwen Mass and NH, etc.

some of these places have archives but I don’t have enough internet to find them… uploading archives of my calls might be helpful if any of you, especially those out of state, have time to do it!