NH: FedGov burns GOP mail, brags about it on the net?

Local secessionists and Republicans are boiling mad after a Federal employee apparently burned a pile of their mail and bragged about it on social media.

Winchester, New Hampshire, 7/1/2024:

On June 29, a wild message appeared on Facebook, apparently posted by Winchester postal worker Paul Landry:

“I found some good use of this trash,” the post reads, referring to a newsletter mailed by local Republicans. “Makes for an excellent fire starter.”

Under the text are two pictures: One shows copies of the newsletter; another apparently shows the copies burning on a grill. Whoever is using the “Paul Landry” Facebook account subsequently claimed these copies were “extras.” But, in a thread already more than 100 comments long, various Winchester residents claim they never received their expected edition of the popular mailer. Some are wondering if theirs ended up in a taxpayer-funded ash pile.

Russell Kanning, a local advocate for New Hampshire independence, is one of the advertisers in the publication. He says he was looking forward to getting his copy, but it never arrived and may have been intentionally destroyed.

"This is one of those things that’s another example of things that might not be happening to us, if we have things more decentralized, Kanning says. “I think if it was more locally controlled…a lot of us would feel better about it.”

Kanning, who earlier this year attended a state house hearing on New Hampshire secession, runs NHexit.org. He also mans a semi-weekly “secession booth” in downtown Keene, advocating for New Hampshire to leave the U.S. Meanwhile, he’s apparently forced to pay the salary of unaccountable Fed censors who can’t even get mail delivery right. If the Fed employee Landry really did this…he’s pushed New Hampshire another meter closer to independence.

Landry’s apparent FB profile:

“Winchester NH UNCENSORED” (The Facebook group where the controversial post appeared):

Updates/more details: “NH: FedGov burns GOP mail, brags about it on the net?

Dave Ridley
NHexit dot com
“Independence without enmity”

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Let’s hope this is just political theater.
If not it’s an OUTRAGE!

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Sent the above as a news release to 150 media outlets. Will call Free Talk Live about it on Wednesday and reach another 150,000 listeners, God willing.

Even if this really was “extra” mail that got burned…why couldn’t it be returned to the publisher; why did the copies, expense and resources have to be wasted? If postal policy is to discard such “extra” mail, why does it have to be that way? My private mail service never did anything like this to me; they would just call me if they had mail they didn’t know what to do with. But I guess empires with nuclear weapons aren’t accountable or changeable.

This incident raises questions about whether New Hampshirites can trust the vindictively biased Federal Govt. to deliver their mail. And if we can’t trust them with that, why should we trust them to continue ruling New Hampshire?


well it is political theater … but also an outrage
what do you think happened here?

I don’t have enough information to make a judgment about what actually happened.
I do think that it should not have happened.
But I’m not particularly surprised.

“First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, and then you win.”

It is interesting that this is often attributed to Mohandas Gandhi, and took place in an environment of secessionist thinking. Some say that Gandhi never said it, or wrote it, but still, it is attributed to him.
See also First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, and then you win. | philosiblog

It looks like they’re now fighting us.

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Well mostly they are fighting the Winchester GOP… but it is the most open minded GOP I’ve ever interacted with in New Hampshire. Local authoritarians have referred to their newsletter as a “free stater rag.”

I get a lot of grief from GOP folks sometimes at their events; to my knowledge I am the first New Hampshirite ever kicked out of a Trump rally and they got me before I even entered the building. But the Winchester GOP really does seem to run like the big tent which Republicans claim to be.

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What i was wondering is:
what you meant by “political theater”?

Obviously this person was taking aim at political ideas he does not like.
If the stuff he was burning was not really what he claimed it was, but
was more like a prop, then he was making a political statement through a
bit of acting out.
That is what I mean by political theater.

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Here’s the newsletter that the guy claiming to be a postal worker…is claiming to have burned: WinTimes-2-FINAL.pdf (922.5 KB)

Here is the controversial post with its original images.

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Well he meant for us to think he was burning our mail … I took that as a joke and threat.
We have political enemies and they are willing to use tactics we are not.

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Called in to free talk live about this last week.