Why does nobody really discuss this stuff?

12+ years ago, I would “cry” when people laughed at me when I spoke of agenda 21 Today, THEY cry and I’m now laughing (in a George Carlin way)

Hold on folks we are about to go deeper into the most insane part of human history.

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Communism. Technology supports it.

And you continue to support technology.
Please, finally, stand by your beliefs and leave this technology behind!
It’s the only way you’ll be happy.

He used the wrong words, We are headed for a scientific dictatorship, and technology ENFORCES it.
The day technology dies, is a win. For ALL of us.
I hope to see that day, but I doubt I will, your team is winning in BIG ways.
until then we are just using our enemies weapons against them.

I wish I had as much hope as @truthvsstate, Maybe I SHOULD READ THE BIBLE.
Does it come in movie form?

I don’t support technology. I support all efforts against it however. I’ll continue to use it to gain that support and to antagonize satan’s spawn at the same time.
I’ll be happy when the techies wet dreams are destroyed once and for all. “Leaving it behind” isn’t enough for me. It’s in my blood to antagonize evil while it waits for the “singularity” to never come.

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I had my hope in crypto being the one libertarian technology. Working with left coast leftists in a crypto field has led me to believe they can and will destroy (even by using) any tech liberty folks create.

The “leftists” won’t be responsible for destroying tech. Those who value Liberty will destroy tech.
Most Libertarians aren’t falling for the bitcoin bullshit lie.

They are already responsible for doing so IMO. The tools that tech has created won’t simply be unused and unlearned. Most liberty people may not be into bitcoin but it is but a tool. Use the tools, against them and for your benefit is my creed.

When they stop being a benefit is a personal choice. I left Facebook and Twitter because they didn’t give me a benefit that outweighed the time wasted there.

Are you sure about that? I see that very opposite. They worked hard at getting anarchist/libertarian/capitalists to accept it. They had to get them on board, TRUE anarchist/libertarian/capitalists WOULD NEVER ACCEPT CRYPOT. They promote it like its going to change the wold for the better. An HONEST blockchain may “change the world for the better”, but you’ll NEVER see that. The central bank are working hard at destroying whats left of our current system so they can introduce the new control grid.

What’s the going concern about crypto now? Just because it’s “worthless”

Or considered a “lie”?

Run by leftists in charge?

Haarp in control?

Spread like chemtrails?

Not sure I get the hate towards what I’ve considered a tool for moving money.

Did you see the Microsoft patent? Its NOT about “moving money”

Check out this episode. Pay close attention to what the central banks say why they want cryptocurrency.

I suppose one way to resist this type of thing is to get on the same page with a bunch of people. Join a tribe and organize. Luckily, the glue that holds my tribe together is Freedom. Unfortunately, that is the antithesis of these crazy cultists like Klaus Schwab.

Anyway, www.sovereigncigar.club if you are interested in building a tribe with me.

It is better called “totalitarianism”
When the “right” wing wants to talk about totalitarianism it calls it communism and socialism.
When the “left” wants to talk about totalitarianism, it calls it fascism.
It is a venn diagram thing, totalitarianism includes all three, fascism(centralized authority demanding the many act as one), communism(you masses are all the same and must all be treated the same regardless of your contributions and abilities and no social mobility) and socialism(the government must design society for you).
There is nothing inherently wrong with an intentional commune, or a representative governmenet deciding how it wants society to be, or about an army acting as one when necessary, but totalitarianism inverts all of this to give the few power over the many, generally in a predatory and parasitic manner.
And technology gives this totalitarianism a huge power multiplier as the newly evolved tech rapidly outpaces the ability of any representative or republican structure to control its various mutations.
Or at least this has not been proven in our time. At every tech evolution the totalitarian forces have only become more powerful at the expense, in our case, of the american constitution.

Thing is, these powers know this, and make it very difficult for anyone to have any social grouping without their infiltration.
I wrote what is to my knowledge the best materials on preventing this infiltration.
library genesis
title:mental self defense
and i went through hell and back to learn these things
maybe the most important page is here

liberal and libertarian are based on the word liberty, but but I can no longer detect any liberty in liberal.
As some have said, liberal morphed into some kind of religion where more permissiveness and “anything goes” in every case and the urge to question every form of normalcy, and hate any form of conservatism, without thought.
It is a propagandized mania of madness now and is now more similar to bolshevism than anything american.
I had to change my view radically in even the last year, last year I would have voted for bernie. And as even he seems to be on the wuhan flu cult, I find myself looking for new allies among people whose spines don’t drift in the wind.

Libertarians made crypto what it is today. You’re insane if you think otherwise.

Sort of correct, fake libertarians conned real ones into accepting bitcoin, and THAT is the problem.