Where is the old forum?

The FTL one

Still there, for archival purposes. bbs.freetalklive.com


Why you took it down? It makes no sense to me…

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It’s not down, just closed. Forums died thanks to social media. Here’s the post explaining the decision:


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Isn’t forums a sort of social media?

most people left forums … and letting people into forums is a hassle now … as you see Ian has to let people in one by one and make them show that they are not russian bots or pretending to be russian bots

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Think I understand it now… But wish they would be able to make this forum look more like the previous one.

to me that is the least of my worries … we are getting booted from social media and censored … ridley even lost his youtube channel and all those precious views

Then that’s even more of reason getting back the old forum… If social media caused it do die, and now social media kills us… Get back the old ways :upside_down_face:

I was kicked out of LinkedIn basically, messed up my business contacts etc. Leaning towards it was something politically I wrote that got my account “restricted”

I added a dark theme just for you - did you try it?

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The old forum is retired, so it’s time you move on. It’s not coming back.


I did… But somehow it bounced back to white… Don’t what I’m doing wrong.

Did you press save?

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well hopefully we can at least agree that this one should not be taken down like the last one was. The last one was superior to this one. and this one is probably superior to what would result from destabilizing everything again with unnecessary changes that interfere with communication.

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I agree with you Ridley. But yeah try to make this one look and feel and have the same functions as the previous one… Can this be done?

The dark theme is there and it’s easy to implement. Just follow these instructions:

Gotta disagree, Dave. Simple Machines Forum (SMF) is outdated forum tech and Discourse is much better in many ways. The Shire Forum used to be SMF and has had greater participation and higher signups since its upgrade to Discourse a few years ago.

The FTL BBS was not taken down - all the content is still there for archival purposes. Anyone can explore it at bbs.freetalklive.com anytime. It was simply closed to new posts as it was dead.

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Correlation does not imply causation.

No, me and Dave are right about this. This forum is meek in comparison. And also weird for those of us used to regular forum/web board… I am completely lost here.

You can always start your own forum and show us a better way. Until then, this is all you have. FSP shut theirs down and NHFree appears temporarily closed for an upgrade.


Hah, was actually thinking about it… Then give it to you for free and ask you again humbly to dump this one. :wink: