What' Are Your Favorite Coins?

HSo I’m consistently changing my mind when it comes to picking my top coins. Today I read an article about Dash that made me think twice about wanting to promote it. It was something along the lines of it being centralized and that it’s more of a marketing thing for the miners, and that they’re sorta like Paypal 2.0. Is it bad to be centralized? I got to thinking about BTC, and how their miners were bought off, and I think to myself- what can stop that from happening to any other coin? I also would like to think that Roger Ver is a honest well intended man, but who is to say that BCH would not fall victim to what happened to BTC? Is there any coin out there that is completely free? Like gold for example, it can’t be created nor controlled, nor inflated. I don’t think there is anything like that with Crypto? The closes thing I can think of would be IOTA, but that has its draw backs too.
Side note- I really liked Dash because it does act like a business and as a business it handles itself I hope to what the market wants.

I am asking, is there anyone who would enlighten me with their favorite coins?

have you looked into either ZenCash, or ZCash?

No what’s special about them?

they’re both based on zero-knowledge proofs that allow for much more anonymity


It was probably way before your time, but there was a TV show called “Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman,” and she was a bit neurotic. She obsessed over the contents of her garbage disposal unit, and things like that. I’m getting that vibe. :slight_smile:

This is a case where I think big is good, and being used is good. To me, that makes Bitcoin Cash a winner. I also like Dash, so I have a little of that. They have a democratic model, which isn’t exactly centralized, but I’m not a big fan of democracy either.

Life is risk. If I had a lot more time, I’d study more, and be more informed. Maybe I should, as anyone who recently feels much more blessed. It would probably increase my chances of remaining so blessed. However, as an engineer, I already get neurotic over too much…I should probably look into zk-SNARKs.

Gee…that wasn’t exactly helpful…sorry about that.

PS: I have been plenty neurotic lately, and it’s all to do with the sudden responsibility I didn’t feel before the price of BTC skyrocketed.

I think an important skill to learn is to distinguish whether or not you’re listening to a salesman’s pitch. Marketing takes many different forms. What are their real motivations behind promoting something?

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I think there are a lot of altcoin pushers running around the web, and I’d be careful of them.

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The most commonly overlooked property of all the crypto’s, at the heart of the question; it’s all just software. It is not immutable. It makes no promises. it has no ethos. It is software.

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I can spend Dash easily and cheaply locally. That’s a plus for me.

“created nor controlled, nor inflated.”

Gold can be mined, seized, and controlled. It also has other drawbacks not found in crypto.

Let me copy my post I made in the LRN.FM section:

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