Was Trump robbed in New Hampshire, as well? Republicans flipped the state senate, added 50 legislators to the statehouse


Via https://voat.co/v/politics/4119960

Via https://nitter.net/RuthieRedSox/status/1328336906434842624

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Probably. But it hasn’t been a fair fight at least since the 1880’s. No matter what, we lose. Step outside of the false dichotomy and see the world for how it really is for the very first time. That’s what being Shire Folk means imo.



Calling on all Free Staters to nag the NH AG into joining…

If the vote does go to the senate, Trump will win because the republicans have the majority and they HAVE to vote with their party lines, regardless of whether they are a Rhino or not…

Welp, USA is officially dead.




USA was officially dead a long time ago.

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I think it’s obvious now who the real SHITHEADS are in the Senate. 94 are swampcreatures.

They became swamp creatures a long time ago.

Good point.

They have a giant head start on us sheep

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One on my mentors (Robert X. Johnson) always referred to us a Sheepdogs.

Upvote all SECESSION posts on sites like TheDonald.win!

My family had to live under ReConstruction. Secession isn’t the ideal, when the other side has the ability to forcibly re-annex your butt.

We have to succeed as a “country” again, as our problems are now going to be “global”

THEY destroy nations, never mind a state. Thats easy.

Best bet, is for each of us to succeed as individuals.

Yes, personal secession is the way. We need to support each other in order for it to work though. Preferential treatment when buying, selling, hiring, protection. Like a real community.

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I don’t care. The reality is we have no control over the national situation. Best to focus on a local one and to do that we need like minded people moving to a region, of which now has to clearly be New Hampshire for that end. The state is that which the most evil occurs and to control it is to put an end to most of the bad. It’s not the end game- secession is- or something similar- but until then there is a lot we can accomplish in the mean time. The federal government is mostly making examples out of people and what that means is you really should fear the feds the least. They’re the least likely to go after any sizable number of people. If you are being targeted by the feds though you do have more to fear than the rest of us though. It’s just that isn’t as likely as the state doing it.

All I know is they would not let me film in the gym where I voted… except in a tiny ghetto they had set aside where filming was allowed.

To "succeed" as either country or individual isn't an ideal countering of the system. As long as the system is able to hold dominion with technology.there will be no escape. This will continue as long as industrial society exists.
      At the same time, succeeding as an individual supports the ideal efforts to counter the system.
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