The Curious Case of Christopher Cantwell

I’m gonna go ahead and say there were no “good guys” there, unless they were observing and reporting. I liked the take Hung had: “these weren’t my people—I left.”

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no bond

Yeah, he’s going to be made an example of.

The media is obviously promoting a certain narrative, no matter what the truth is…for whatever reason. Trying to fight that is kind of a losing battle.

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Looks like the FBI is involved.

Borden’s attorney Greg Berberich released a statement about Borden’s charges, NBC 29 reported.

‘Daniel Borden and his family have cooperated fully with the FBI in its investigation of the events in Charlottesville,’ Berberich said in the statement.

'When Dan was advised yesterday afternoon that a warrant for his arrest had been issued by Virginia authorities, he immediately surrendered himself to the FBI and, later, the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Department.

'Dan is awaiting extradition to Virginia. He will defend himself against charges filed as a consequence of rioting caused by the City of Charlottesville’s decision to allow BLM and Antifah members to attack those protesting the removal of Robert E. Lee’s statue from a local park.

‘As Dan attempted to leave the protest grounds, he was struck in the head and tear gassed multiple times. Dan repeatedly requested protection from Charlottesville Police and was ignored. We believe Dan will be exonerated.’

Charlottesville police have also issued an arrest warrant for Alex Michael Ramos, 33, in relation to the assault on Harris. Police are charging Ramos with malicious wounding as well.

The police on Saturday arrested a 52-year-old man wanted for firing a gun during the normally serene college town’s deadly white nationalist rally on Aug. 12

Richard Wilson Preston was charged with discharging a firearm within 1,000 feet of a school.

No one even blinks when Richard Wilson Preston fires the gun. The crime he is charged with is also a bit strange. This video also shows Corey Long using his flame weapon as protesters try to leave the park.

Was Richard Wilson Preston justified? It looks like he would have shot Corey Long if he had a round in the chamber when he first pulled out the gun.

D. This section shall not apply to any law-enforcement officer in the performance of his official duties nor to any other person whose said willful act is otherwise justifiable or excusable at law in the protection of his life or property, or is otherwise specifically authorized by law.

No one even blinks when the guy fires the gun.

I don’t even know what the fuck is up with that. Like, it’s so strange I can’t comprehend everyone’s reactions there. Everyone’s…

I’m a little in disbelief.

Another angle. You can see Deandre Harris with the mag lite in this video. I was wondering if he was with Corey at the time.

CNN has an article on this, but they don’t even mention the flames Corey Long is producing. They present the shooting as a result of an argument.

Chris should have a bail hearing today.

Ramos told a WGCL reporter that he had no apology to offer Harris unless maybe Harris apologized first.

"If he apologized to me for attacking and taunting us, maybe,” Ramos said.

Harris has not said he attacked the men, as Ramos accused him, nor had evidence surfaced to indicate that Harris physically assaulted anyone.

I almost completely agree with Karen. I heard the interview with Chris, and thought she did a good job.

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I was impressed. She can listen to such bullshit without arguing. It’s quite a contrast with the other dude, who was all triggered.

Bail hearing’s today.

lol why does she have a thumbnail of Trudeau? That would’ve been great to hear him talk about Cantwell.

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She mentioned him in context of Canada actually having tougher immigration laws than the US (she says—I don’t know that), but Canada never being called “fascist,” and certainly not Trudeau. For those who haven’t watched/listened, she’s hardly a Cantwell fan, but she does grant him some points. I’d call her “quite fair and candid.”

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“Tear gas?” I had to comment.

…or other gasses…that would be capsicum, right?

I’m surprised that they didn’t even try to give him a high bond. Then again, he probably is a flight risk because people would hide him.

Posted exactly the same story (I’m working on about an hour’s sleep) then deleted it. Sorry about that.