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(caution, tough question ahead) Did anyone actually read what snowden released?

(caution, tough question ahead) Did anyone actually read what snowden released?

Apparently you didn’t.

If you read past the headline you’ll see no further mention of getting data from Air Gapped computers in the article you linked. It’s pure click bait designed to trick the lazy into spreading it to other places.

If you read enough to actually click through to the New York Times article you’ll notice the same thing: their only way into an Air Gapped computer is to gain physical access to it and install a transceiver. At that point it’s no longer an Air Gapped computer, but a compromised computer.

I was gonna say it sounds an awful lot like reverting to the FidoNet days of BBSs, but it appears FidoNet is still operational.

BLAH blah blah,
I ASKED “Did anyone actually read what snowden released?”
Maybe I should of inserted “But that’s not why I wanted to comment today. I wanted to comment to share” ? Thats your way of interjecting.

You can delete my account, I cant find the link. I thought I was more amongst the anarcho-capitalt types, not the anarcho-communist types

Yes, and I responded that you apparently did not actually read what Snowden released or you would know that nothing Snowden released dealt with anyone having the ability to compromise computers that were actually air gapped.

Feel free to prove me wrong with a quote from Snowden stating a properly air gapped computer (as opposed to one the user thinks is air gapped) has been compromised by the NSA.

BTW, if the fear mongering article with the lying click bait haedline was irrelevant to your question, why include it?

Funny that neither of your (apparent) heroes you’ve discussed here were Anarcho-Capitalists.

Ted Kaczynski is an anti-capitalist Anarcho-Primitivist and Snowden sure sounds like a communist when he says things like-

there were people who argued we need to seize the means of production. We’re rapidly approaching the point where we need to seize the means of our communication.