Manyverse Pub Server

Has anyone here tried Manyverse? It’s an open-source decentralized social network that’s totally decentralized, meaning statuses can propagate client-to-client via bluetooth and wifi.

There are also servers called “pub servers” that can allow people to connect who are not immediately nearby. Shire Society is now operating one of these pub servers. Here is the invite code, should you wish to connect to it to find others in the community:

Note, this software is pretty early and janky:

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Interesting, thanks for the tip.
The pattern seems to be

create giant centralized spy social network operated from Eglin AFB or tel aviv
censor anyone resistant to propaganda
create “alternatives” like voat and saidit and raddle ahead of time
gather information, harass, censor those people who have to be silenced
fill the alternative sources with shills from eglin AFB

Another allegedly alternative platform that censored me in very douchey ways was Mastadon.
Agenda shills swarmed my account and reported me for everything I said, and it was not radical what I was saying, from day 1
Then when I tried to log in it said I hadn’t logged in in two weeks, which was a lie, and it had to verify my email,

verification email never arrived, from two different servers I tried
admins then don’t respond to your complain
and you are censored, with full plausible deniability
So the pattern is, someone creates multiverse, then eglin AFB and tel aviv creates dozens of “nodes” that are operated by shills and military agents
Unwanted people get harassed, then the sheep get their propaganda and think it is the alternative.
Mastadon was also the most man hating place I ever tried to go, you simply have to be some “minority” or rainbow gender or you will be hated and scolded for existing.
So needless to say I am happy to consider other alternatives, but we have to expect the same at any alternative.
The totalitarian state hears about your alternative project first and floods it with their fake nodes.
Same happened to Tor btw, the government can just create the majority of tor nodes at aws and shut down whichever ones they want to on demand, and listen to whatever they want. The psycopathic “intelligence” behind all of these schemes, that, again, will not bust crack or heroin dealers or epstein, but will make the life of any activist a living nightmare, is indicative of the nature of the what is behind this oppression. It is bound to only get worse unless something big changes, as no law exists to govern these things, which gives totalitarian forces of “nwo” and maniacal cults all of the power and the public absolutely none.