NH radio shows you can call and get on air

As part of the independence drive someone requested that I post a list of talk radio shows they can call into. Here’s a mostly updated list of radio shows that I call and get on the air, in and around New Hampshire. Can you name more including podcasts and outside the area?
There are some others in Mass but i’ve lost track of their schedules and call in tolerance. it’s unstable pretty much all over . Please call these shows with any New Hampshire liberty news you have, or just to talk up the freedom message!


6a-10a Talk of the Commonwealth . Heard daily on AM 830 WCRN. Live streamed at radioworcester.com. The Talk of the Commonwealth podcast can be downloaded from iTunes, SoundCloud, Spotify and Stitcher.
http://www.radioworcester.com/ Hank Stolz regular host
(774) 364-8255
On “first amendment friday’s” they let you change the subject.

6A - 10A WKBK 1290AM Keene morning show dan mitchel (603) 357-1290 actually only seems to be callable 615-630, 815 -830 maybe , 915-10:00 usually. you can change the subject. Host Dan Mitchell … liberal
http://player.listenlive.co/41421 worked 2017

9a-12p jack heath’s show on wtpl in new hampshire. takes some calls but u need to be on topic somewhat i think. neocon. friendly to idea of nh independence.

4P - 6P Matt Connarton Unleashed in the Afternoon* airs on WMNH-FM 93.5 Monday through Friday. Mancheter show but you’re not supposed to talk about manchester. Left libertarian he says. you can change the subject.
http://www.wmnhradio.org/contact Our COMMUNITY PROGRAM Podcasts Live Call-In # (603) 250-6007

7P - 10P Syndicated: Free Talk Live - Keene based but nationally syndicated on 100-plus real radio stations 603-283-6160


7a-9a WKBK add to radio cond: 7:00a-9:00a: The Weekend with George Hansel… Keene’s Mayor, George Hansel, host this local talk program featuring WKBK news, weather and sports as well as interviews and a lot of listener phone calls. Local. Local. Local.
(you can change subject) 357 1290

6:00a-8:00a: WKBK Born and raised in Keene, Forrest Sundstrom will wake you up with local conversations, pop culture, sports and more. Featuring WKBK news, sports and weather too
(You can change subject) 357 1290

Additions? (Including national). Corrections?