NH Independence Amendment: Free ways you can help

NH has independence legislation coming up for hearing in early 2022:
" NH Free 2023 - Independence drive begins! Exec summary here "

You can help move it forward by undertaking one or two of these action items:

) Contact state reps on the state and federal relations committee, which will initially hear and vote on the proposal (CACR 32). Urge support for it, make sure they don’t amend it beyond recognition. Sponsor Mike Sylvia recommends putting your town in the subject line; probably it’s also useful to subject-line the name of the rep you are writing:
) Contact your rep about it:
" The New Hampshire House of Representatives "
) Write letters to the editor letting them know this is happening, why you think it needs to happen and (if it’s outside NH) that we are inviting folks to move here for more freedom. I had good success with this sort of thing before I moved to NH.
) Contact rich sympathizers and see if they want to donate to the process in some way
) Help coordinate our communications with other independence movements
) Call talk radio about it. Here are the schedules of shows I call:
" NH radio shows you can call and get on air "
) Create demonstrations/chalkings/sign placements. John Connell used to write something like this on his signs:
US out of NH
NH out of US
) Contact media and update them when interesting stuff happens with us or to us.
" Media contact list "
) Create flyers/signs/banners and/or post them in appropriate public place
) Assist the re-election campaigns of reps who’ve helped us…the bill’s sponsors are listed here:
New Hampshire Legislative Service Requests (LSR's)
) Let us know what you’ve done, and what are other ways to help?

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if you see anything NH independence online … please post it here so we can spread the info


just updated this and emailed it to about 10 NH people individually plus another 30 or so on lists.

Dan just stepped up to running

If we are not on some social media site, please start one for us and spread Dave’s content far and wide.
another $ free, but not work free way you can help