NH Independence Drive media coverage

The Liberty Block (https://libertyblock.com/nh-residents-rally-testify-in-support-of-secession/)
NH Residents Rally, Testify In Support of Secession - The Liberty Block

MSN runs same article:

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https://lifewithliznh.com/ on a Nashua radio show covered it and has joined the NHexit FB group. But the archive is hard to link to:
Redirecting... you’ll have to scroll down. Maybe waayyyyyy down.


(former leader of NH Dem. party denounces your right-to-vote-on-independence, again)

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(You’ll have to search this one above for the word “succession” rather than “secession”)

I Got on the following show 2/1… talked briefly about the independence hearing Jan 20. Friendly host but didn’t get much time, and I don’t see an archive:

" 6a-9a boston area (actually starts 5a but no calls till 6 usually ) https://talk1200boston.iheart.com/featured/the-jim-polito-show/ 1 sss The success of The Jim Polito Show
jamespolito@iheartmedia.com Studio Line: 855-403-9846 usually doestn take calls till 6a "

Got on air 2/1 WCAP-AM lowell MA to talk at some length about the independence hearing, friendly hosts, we dwelt mostly on why it would be good (me) and them talking about why it would be impractical , also the Slovenian and Estonian and Quebecois successes.

VPR clones the NHPR report:

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Got on air WKBK AM in Keene to announce that Free Talk Live hosts have now fully re-imbursed taxpayers for the estimated $2,000 cost of hearing CACR 32, the NH Independence Amendment.


Got on air Mike Gallager show Contact Us - The Mike Gallagher Show to mention our independence legislation.

Got on air WMNH Manch to announce the reimbursement:
Matt Connarton Unleashed 2-9-22 about 20 or 30 minutes into show

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Got on air WCRN radio Worchester Mass. Fri, Feb 11… with general update on the independence amendment…lasted five minutes !


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Rush Limbaugh substitute denounces NH independence drive as “B.S.” (below)

I got on air about 12 minutes in (above), to talk about the NH Independence Amendment… listen to his reaction! Davis has occasionally filled in for “El Rushbo” (R.I.P.) over the years, but this was a call to Mark’s show in Dallas. Folks have criticized him for his response but he is a nice guy, I used to sort of work for him. He probably didn’t recognize my voice; it’s been a long time. (above)

30 minutes in , Got on air WBZ (above) with thoughts on how NH Independence is one way to opt out of Washington’s nuclear war attempts. I didn’t bring this up but the independence drive in Montenegro had a positive impact on D.C. when it was bombing Yugoslaiva in 1999.

I got on air 2/8/2022 WCRN with similar message but only about half of my words appear to have gotten thru because of what they said was a wind storm interruption.


Telegram: Join Group Chat ridleyreportchat invite link

Authoritarian lady calls NHexiters a “cancer” above

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Was phone-guest on WSMN radio Nashua and also Jack Heath’s show (WTPL Manch i think) 3/9 and 3/10 discussing the independence vote. Both shows friendly.

Got on air WKBK radio Keene (625am eastern) and WCRN radio Mass. (640a.m. eastern) to discuss tHe NH independence amendment. this was on MarcH 11. KBK hostile to the idea but friendly to me as usual, WCRN more like tolerant and friendly. Doesn’t look like any of these archived the conversations. WCRN had already reported on it as their lead talk story I think.

Here is vid from the NH House session… edited by Texit president Daneil Miller himself! House Session - CACR32 (NHexit)


Did Anti-Independence Reps Break The Law? - The Liberty Block

“FTL_Ian: AP has picked up the story” https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/nh-lawmakers-firmly-reject-seceding-from-united-states/2022/03/10/43d02810-a0bb-11ec-9438-255709b6cddc_story.html

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There were about another 10 identical stories to the one above , in local media around the U.S…which I haven’t bothered to list.

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Are you an antifederalist? Then you might like #NHexit

“CACR32, an amendment calling for New Hampshire’s independence from the United States, was shot down on the house floor two weeks ago, but the Libertarian and anti-federalist attitudes behind it are here to stay.”

Got on air WKBK-AM Keene March 26 to talk about the FedGov’s attack on Manchester-based YouTube alternative. It’s called LBRY.com

ABC news: https://abcnews.go.com/Politics/wireStory/nh-lawmakers-firmly-reject-seceding-united-states-83373078

Got on air roughly halfway thru this show to talk Ukraine…but ended by saying: NHexit.com … because if Ukraine deserves independence, so do we! Matt Connarton Unleashed 3-24-22

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  • Features some details on the NH exit vote

Rep. Mike Bordes has a letter published in the Laconia Sun condemning the independence amendment, claiming free staters are the rea RINO’s. I don’t have a link yet.

Got on air WCAP radio Lowell March 31 with update on the NH independence drive

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This article mentions the independence drive: Free Stater’s motion cuts Croydon School budget in half | News, Sports, Jobs - The Nashua Telegraph


Liberated the WKBK FCC tower in Keene for another five minutes to talk about this:
House stops Rep. Abramson from invoking Ukraine in NHexit remarks
The call got on the air April 11 around 620a.m.


" The sad part of the secession stunt was the amount of ink and airtime that media across the state devoted to it. "


Letter: Partisanship destroying our country - This was in a New York paper.

https://fee.org/articles/new-hampshire-is-the-freest-state-in-america-heres-why/ FEE lists our bill as evidence that NH is the freest state in the Union.

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some updates in case some missed them


WBZ radio Boston… I got on air May 19 at 10:40pm to talk about the Free State Project as the solution to the MassThauritarianism they were talking about. mentioned the independence drive , host reacted friendly this time but he’s unpredictable (Dan Rea).
Stricter Covid Measures? - Part 2 (10 p.m.) - NightSide With Dan Rea | iHeart
So it should be about 25 minutes into this 40 minute file.

meanwhile other recent articles mentioning us:

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stuff grabbed here and elsewhere

another site joins the movement: