Migrate to NH ? Do the opposite

REFORM is a joke.
This is what the “NH Liberty Movement” thinks will promote freedom.(at least this is what they want you to think). If you think that you can somehow get the system to cave in enough to help you be free, you’ve been watching too much TV.
If avoiding being controlled is your goal, do you think that playing inside the system with politicians is going to help with that ?
Do you think that 30,000 “Liberty minded folks” that follow the NAP will win freedom over the 750,000 statists that vote for the controllers to be able to violate the NAP if you refuse to be a slave ?
Do you think that frivolous “activism” is going to beat down the controllers ? The ones that have you enslaved.
Anything LESS than Revolution against the system seems to be supported in the “Shire” or "FSP"
It’s all bullshit.
If we’re lucky enough in this generation to make a real change for the future, that change won’t come from “reform”. Better wake up folks. Technology is aiding the controllers more and more in their control of you.
AND. If we are to be effective in a Revolution against the system we’d better stay spread-out. I think enough folks out there understand this.

you better spread your posts out over a wider area

I would if I had time. I see a few reading the Shire.
Priority for me is Self-Sufficiency, Independence. It’s a bigger key,right now anyways, towards promoting Revolution.

the majority of those 750,000 don’t really vote all that much…

NH has 1 state rep per 3,000 people.

It only takes a few hundred folks to swing an election.

Baby steps…

NH was chosen because even 10,000 folks can have an outsized impact…

Get elected, vote to lighten the regulations, lower the taxes, cut spending, weaken the power of the state.

Moreover, the migration will help spread and strengthen an already existing sentiment of self-reliance and cynicism about government’s ability to run things.

There is a method to the madness.

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You are funny.

Self reliance is key. Problem is,it doesn’t jive with ridiculous property taxes…and zoning…and permitting…and ordinances. All of which will continue to get worse in NH because of the liberals & bootlickers that dominate the state.

I’m interested in comparing the property taxes and regulations.

The 62 acres that I’ve put together some research towards buying across from Rogers in Lancaster for around $185k and am coordinating a channel on telegram in which only people who are interested in joining in this purchase have voice but others can still see the discussion seems competitive in property tax rate but only for minimal use, camping, horticulture, and livestock cultivation.
Relevant details:
I’m looking to get 200 shire society members to join at an estimated cost of $1k and $10/yr (less for anyone participating in town meetings each year as a resident to leverage our defense against the takings).
Roughly $1200/yr total taxes with current use and conservation easements factored into tax agreemant.
Front pasture is conserved from any use by humans, livestock and crops are allowed though. Back forest is useful but improvements would alter the taxes. Each member could use/improve a 2000sqft lot in back forest that doesn’t impede access to other areas but would be responsible for taxes on their improvements, assuming we don’t own the local government by then.
As the ground is mostly rock, I don’t think we’d need to improve the land much to make it useful for camping.
Proposing to form a trust and use a trustee to gather funds and purchase property on behalf of members.
Using the area exclusively for religious retreats (with a recognized church) would allow improving the land without suffering more taxes but not a current goal as camping would give plenty of good times to justify the investment.
Personally, I would invite new movers to camp with me when I’m there and allow a more inviting place for such.
Alt-expo, FTL/LRN, and all signers should be welcomed if we have enough interest to form a more free society there.

How does the taxes on this property compare?

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Not a bad idea. There are plenty of other nice places in New England. You’re going to be cold in north NH, so why not get a bit colder and go up to Aroostook county in Maine or something ? You want to be self sufficient/ independent right ? Mix of tillable and forested land up there for cheap. Wouldn’t it be good to get “Shires” living elsewhere too ? I made a purchase that is fulfilling all my dreams and it’s not in NH. Cost about the same as a new Audi (not that I would spend $ on a shitbox). You can buy nice land (depending on what “nice” is to you) for $750/acre if you go norther. You don’t need corporate america or gov’t sevices of any sort do you ? If you don’t there are many open doors for your idea. Border Patrol & D.I.F.W. might be your only concerns. Lepage in Maine wants to loosen up on LURC regs. As long as we have wilderness we can be messed with less either way.

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In order of questions you posed:

  1. Because I haven’t had any noticeable reason for such.
  2. Not necessary except to the extent I’m more reliable than others at helping further my interests. Where others are productive in helping me along I forego independence.
  3. I don’t see the point, maybe once VR interactions are more advanced it might be less detrimental to avoid real world interaction though.
  4. No, I’m living quite mobile now so don’t need land or services, those commonly subscribed by renters are more than sufficient.

Thanks for your comparisons!
However, community is a major concern of mine so if there are other locations with decent community I’d be happy to continue considering such on their merits similar to the land I described here that has over a dozen interested parties thus far (towards the 200 I seek).

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I didn’t meet you at Forkfest. I may have met a very nice lady in a small car though a while back. Does this make sense ?
I am excited for your plan. You know as well as I do that life is short. I have a great plan too, although looking for just a few choice neighbors. I am not very social. Just a bit.
My best suggestion is to go for your plans sooner rather than later. Wherever that might be.
Best of luck to you, Samm

That’s a great idea! I love it up there.

Gated community: Beauty surrounded by 100s of sq. miles of wilderness. I ONLY suggest this if you are interested in existing with nature and peace & quiet. You realistically should be a survivalist to be part of this group. I DO NOT recommend it if you are not. You own a plane ? https://www.mainelistings.com/RealEstate/Details-Page/1/Index/3

We have been very happy about migration to New Hampshire. Community is important to us. Of you have income, you don’t want to be in Maine. If you’re open to living on government handouts, Maine’s a great place to be. You need to pick the right towns in nh. You gotta look north of Concord. Unless you can afford a place on Castle Island. Moultonborough has amongst the lowest tax rate in new England.


60 acres?

So… if we try to stick a a small trailer home on our little plot… couldn’t the zoning board block us?

Also, a religious organization… with housing for membership… = tax free housing?!?

Cut the number of participants in half to about 80… so that way each participant gets an even 4,000 square feet! 60ish feet by 60ish feet is enough to build something on, 2000 sq ft is just too small!

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Like every other populated area. The listings I pointed out above are in the Unorganized Territories in Maine. Did you look ? This is from: https://www.maine.gov/revenue/propertytax/unorganizedterritory/unorganized.htm
The unorganized territory consists of 429 townships (including the Baxter State Park area), plus many coastal islands that do not lie within municipal bounds. The UT land area is slightly over one half the area of the entire State of Maine. Year round residents number approximately 9,000, with many more people seasonally residing in the UT.
…So the upper half of Maine (which is gigantic) has 9000 year round folks along with seasonal camp owners. You can’t be out of the system more than this in NE. There is much less “pressure” from society, and the ability to be Independent exists more in the wilderness.
If you want to spend your life IN the system and STRUGGLING in your quest to be freer, incorporated towns in NH would suit your needs. Being remote,in the wild, and out of society more will bring you as close as you can get to being free, especially if you are improving your abilities to be Independent. And especially if you are still getting satisfaction from fighting the outside system.
If you don’t pride Independence you’re never going to be free.
AND, I wonder how well a bunch of Shires are going to get along living together on 60 acres ? Will you all be dancing around constantly like flower children in a field of daisies ? Will you have “hierarchy” ? You’re setting yourselves up to be eliminated instantly the SECOND you start any shit with the controllers. You knew this though, right ? AND, If you’re not looking to start shit, what the hell good are you ?

well gee, let’s just roll over and take it. i love being kicked…why not?

Unless you’ve lived in Maine, you wouldn’t know. The swamp in Augusta loves screwing with people in the unorganized townships. LURC land use restriction committee. Good luck, I’d take my chances with a small town first.

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I know a guy who moved to township E I Maine. He had a lot of money before he started fighting the state. He’s in NH now. I would not suggest buying 20, 40, 60 acres of land until you’ve spent at least a year getting to know the lay of the land.


I am leading the BarterTowne project on Free Grafton.
Have a few acres left for the right Voluntaryists to occupy, completely offgrid.
Happy to help like minded folks visit the BnB here or otherwise get involved with Free Grafton.

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Thank you Stone sir.

You think 2,000 Sq. ft. Is too small?!?!?! Right now I’m paying $925/month for 900 Sq. Ft. 2,000 would be AMAZING