I officially withdraw my membership on this site, please delete my account (if there is a place to do it myself, please let me know). I feel that the majority of those on here feel they can change the system from within, which I feel will never happen. It may very well be due to fear of the reprisal from Big Brother, which I can’t blame you for. I also see there are those who have fallen for the systems trap, i.e. digital currency. So I am moving on. Thanks for the ride.


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gotta be an easy way to delete

… aaand Libman is triggered by the libricide threat. Book burning bad!

When posts disappear, the context of other people’s conversations gets ruined as well.

You can just stop using it. Freezing is better than deleting.

Playing the sport of trying to “change the system from within” (ex voting Libertarian) has multiple side benefits:

  • It gets attention, and thus gets people to RTFM on libertarianism. Some tiny fraction of those people may be able to appreciate it. Anything that gets views to libertarian blogs / videos, sells libertarian books, etc is a good thing. A lot of puritarian AnCaps first had their curiosity sparked by “within the system” libertarians like Milton Friedman, Harry Browne, Ron Paul, and even Gary Johnson.

  • It is an exercise in group organization skills. You meet like-minded people and (quoting our fashy ally Christopher Cantwell) “figure out who the leaders are”. Or at least who makes good coffee.

  • It pisses off mainstream politicians. The Libertarian Party got 4.5 million votes in the last POTUS election. We can gain some leverage in this way without ever being more than a small minority, and then negotiate for things like local secession.

  • There is some epic trolling of the political system that can only be done from the inside. Where else can a fat guy like me have a chance to do a striptease on live national TV?! And we could even get into the debates with Trump and Pocahontas!

  • Putting out fliers, holding signs, and counter-punching “Antifa” terrorists is good physical exercise. You’re not gonna get into any fights just sitting on the couch with your friends!

What have you done to earn that holier-than-thou tone? What have you accomplished?
I bet it’s not within five orders of magnitude of someone like Ian. What have you sacrificed? “Do you even tax resister, bro?” You don’t even use your real name (as if the Big Brother doesn’t know anyway).

Everything is relative. The wild west of digital currency speculation isn’t more of a “trap” than sticking with fiat currency, not having a radio show, accomplishing nothing, and not being heard.