Go Topless Day, Sunday, August 25, 2024

Haven’t yet been able to make this, a couple of years ago
I tried but it was way too cold on that day.

Those of you who read my posts know that I am in favor
of clothing-optional, and NH law covers genitals and anus,
but does not require breasts covered.
Occasionally, from what I understand, some women do
go topless at the Hampton Beach State Beach.
I’ve been to the beach only three times, but I have never
made it on this particular day.

Liberty people could meet down there as a group.
Last time I heard, Hampton Beach (village), which is
across the street from the beach and can provide lunch
and other things, with many small nice shops and
restaurants, did not have an ordinance with regard to
toplessness. I’m not sure what the restaurant policies
are… but once I did walk into a fast-food place in bare
feet and no top, and after asking I found out that
“no shirt, no shoes, no service” didn’t apply there.

Anyhow, it might be fun to go down as a liberty contingent.

I love the idea. If you promote it on Matrix a bit and get others to go I might add it to my calendar and come out. We definitely need to push the nudity issue at the porcupine freedom festival. Some folks haven’t quite figured out that it’s a libertarian event yet…

I’m not on Matrix, or any other media. But please, I just suggested it, if you can get the word out to others, and pass it on, so to speak, and they do too, we could get a real conspiracy going!

A thought…suppose we do get a reasonable number of liberty people
interested in this, and get organized. Suppose we have cars with
3-5 people each, leaving from all parts of New Hampshire. They
could go topless (both men and women) on the trip to Hampton
We would have to check the ordinances in each town/city/township/
interstate rules. We would also have to check freeway rest stop rules and
regulations, if that is the route these groups of people would take.
Perhaps there could be points along the way that vehicles coming
from farther away would meet vehicles coming from closer to the
coast, and meet up to caravan to the coast.
Well, you see where this could go. From far away it might be
necessary to stop for gas, or a break, or getting food from a
drive-thru. This caravan would eventually end up at Hampton

I’m sure we could find other little details to add for greater or lesser effect.
It will take some planning. I have heard of Matrix, from many people here.
I guess I’ll finally take that plunge and sign on.

Below are some online articles I can find for GoTopless Day specifically,
and a few others about nudity in NH in general. Some of these have links
to other pages that do not appear in the list below.
I did a DuckDuckGo search for “go topless hampton beach 2024”, and
all of those links are below. A search for “free nipple hampton beach”
produces many many more sites. After a while I restricted the search
to the past year.

The first article at the top is the Code of Ordinances, the second is the official page of Hampton Beach State Park.
Note that I am seeing two different ways of calculating the day each year,
one source says the Sunday nearest August 26, the other the Saturday nearest August 26.
GoTopless has a Facebook page, but I’m not on Facebook. If someone could check there,
that would be great.

I am going by the date given at

which is a Sunday.



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July 31, 2015

August 2, 2015

August 3, 2015

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August 12, 2015

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August 18, 2015

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August 23, 2015

Rain puts damper on New Hampshire topless beach protestBBAQZ8S50no4DAG1I1AQfeSDMgDBkCOgX3VTu5fe_Juet6iDqgqkg

August 23, 2015

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August 25, 2015


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Okay, I’m into Matrix, but from there… HOW DO I FIND Y’ALL???

In other words, how do I promote it on Matrix.