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also this week

Enrollment in New Hampshire’s public charter schools grew by 8 percent over the last school year, according to new figures released by the NH Department of Education. At the same time, enrollment in public schools has dropped overall.

The DNC doesn’t think NH should have much influence on US elections.

Sounds good …. Time for us to leave

What is their reasoning?

they think we lack diversity … also thinking about Iowa caucus for same reason

It’s pretty obvious that NH lacks diversity.

So that’s true.

If that’s the argument then they win and NH should relinquish that.
It seems pretty selfish to insist on keeping it

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which state should vote first and why?

Secession: Why the Regime Tolerates Self-Determination for Foreigners but Not for Americans

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A state that is most representative of everyone.

Or maybe they could do more than one state on that day.

Like maybe NH could stay doing it but another state does it on that day also

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