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also this week

Enrollment in New Hampshire’s public charter schools grew by 8 percent over the last school year, according to new figures released by the NH Department of Education. At the same time, enrollment in public schools has dropped overall.

The DNC doesn’t think NH should have much influence on US elections.

Sounds good …. Time for us to leave

What is their reasoning?

they think we lack diversity … also thinking about Iowa caucus for same reason

It’s pretty obvious that NH lacks diversity.

So that’s true.

If that’s the argument then they win and NH should relinquish that.
It seems pretty selfish to insist on keeping it

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which state should vote first and why?

Secession: Why the Regime Tolerates Self-Determination for Foreigners but Not for Americans

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A state that is most representative of everyone.

Or maybe they could do more than one state on that day.

Like maybe NH could stay doing it but another state does it on that day also

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Keep US Out of War

By Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.

October 30, 2023

People have different opinions about the battle between Israel and Hamas, but one thing should be clear to all of us. America must stay out of the conflict and follow our traditional non-interventionist foreign policy, magnificently defended by Murray Rothbard and Dr. Ron Paul.

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I (Russell) think this is an accurate portrayal of the Israeli-Palestinian story:

“Debunking the Palestine Lie”

As a NH resident, I think we should not pay for any use of force in the Middle East. In order to do this, we should secede from the US, NATO, and the UN. Afterwards our position should be friendly relations, free trade, and no aggression against Israelis or Arabs.

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Neutral costa rica does not have any problems with Hamas. Or anyone acutally. Too bad we’ve lost switzerland and sweden to “alliance fever”

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once NH secedes … we will be just as diverse as our whole country

I guess the last breakdown of the talks between russia and ukraine were about if they would be neutral afterward or join NATO.
So I guess we would join a new set of people who are not part of NATO or the EU or some Russian or Chinese sphere.

I have a prediction regarding NH Exit that I would like to gauge reaction to.

Setting: You are in an imaginary world in the near future where granite staters actually get to vote on secession, instead of their leaders making the choice for them. Despite the media and the establishment hating the idea, polls show 66+% support, 2 months out from the vote. Then a group of “White Supremacists” (They all have matching boots and no one knows where they came from or live) are setting fire to govt buildings and cop cars, chanting “NH Exit” Make NH free now!" “We are free staters”, you get the idea. Do you think this will negatively effect secession chances?

Add to that the Feds start a disinformation campaign that claims that not only will NH banks not be able to do business in the US, US banks won’t be able to do business in NH, all govt checks, including Soc Sec will be discontinued to “traitors” and every other dastardly lie they can concoct. Do you think that will negatively effect NH’s chances?

Basically, what I am saying is that they fight dirty, and we fight fair and that lowers the already abysmal chances that NH has for secession. But I am certainly wide open to arguments to the contrary.

BTW, I have been to multiple microstates Lichtenstein, San Marino, Vatican and Andorra, excepting ZEDEs in Honduras, if their was border security, it was always staffed by the larger state on the way out, not the little one on the way in. The US could, and likely would, make it very difficult to leave NH. Expect the airport to close and that tiny bit of seashore to be blockaded.

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First, I don’t think the “White Supremacists” would be a problem.
We currently have means to deal with such violence, and if we
became our own country, we could have even stricter means
of dealing with it.

Second, this and all the actions that might be taken by the US
government, if predicted ahead of time, might well galvanize
the citizens of NH to move ahead with secession.

We already have problems getting out of NH sometimes.
Do you remember the backup at the Canadian border a
few years ago? Do you remember the travel restrictions
in many states against going outside the state of residence.
I think that if the US tried to blockade entry and exit, by
any means, that there would be a real rebellion, with
much violence.

We still have a border with Quebec… Quebec has its
own secession movement.

Anything the US government would attempt would
very likely backfire on them, I think.

When the founding fathers were trying to draft a
constitution, the commerce clause was included
largely because of NH. NH got around the blockades
set up by the official muckety-mucks, and smuggled
goods in through Canada.

One way or another, NH would survive, and even prosper,
moreso because of the actions of the US than just
because we could do it anyway.

Just as a recent take on the border, see this:

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These are all settings I think will happen.
I was discussing with Riley 2 weeks ago the idea that they will send in Black Flag White Supr. to NH to make us look bad. I think it would happen way before we get months from a vote. I guess we are not far enough along to trigger that one.
I think the Dems will start getting really dirty if one of our bills passes the house or gets recommended by a committee.
I think the Repubs will get really dirty if it gets a little farther, so both of those are somewhere down the road.
Feds attacking us in the press, or causing banking problems would probably come later. We might get the full Russian treatment, while they say we are working for Putin.
I think you are right that they will fight dirty, and that each tactic will work very well and set us back each time. If we are successful, we will have to weather all of these obstacles to public opinion.
-Russell Kanning, NHexit.org
BTW, I agree about the borders and the airport, although the US might not blockade us in our port.

One thing that I thought of just minutes after posting earlier.
Any attempt to isolate us from the rest of the US would result
in friends and family who not be able to communicate with us
(THEY control the communication satellites), the free corridor
from Massachusetts to Maine would have to be closed.
Friends and family could not get in to visit us.

In short, it become like the Berlin wall, or the borders
between Russian and American or French parts of
Europe after the war. it would bring a huge outcry against
the US government. They would likely be assailed from
both inside and outside the state.

They would be faced with possible secession of other
states that are thinking about it, and the president at the
time might even be impeached and removed from office.

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you could be right … or it could get ugly