Freeman. Bitcoin. FBI. all work for the same beast

         Publicity Stunt.

What do you mean?

Time will tell.
Neither Ian, nor Bitcoin, nor the FBI promote freedom in ANY way. Yet, whos attention is grabbed the most from this raid ?

I guess being new here, I don’t even know who Ian is, and really don’t care. Things online and social media are all crap in general and used to distract everyone. I joined this group kind of on a whim. You, me, and anybody else need to physically get out and search for like minded people.

Ian’s a shill.
The FSP , Shire, etc… are co-opted by the evil system enough to be data mining for the state. Ian has always promoted a psudo-freedom which is harmless to the evil state. The system is ALWAYS one-up on the people when it comes to online chat or organizing of any sort. This is why things like Kaczynski’s manifesto, Bartering, Homesteading are always shot down on this forum.
You are 100% correct that we need to continue to organize with neighbors and locals physically.
Why on earth would lovers of freedom and truth support a transvestite/satanist/sheriff ? The whole thing is a crock.
A while back, Ian was involved in having Larken Rose removed from Porkfest.

then why not leave this forum and find a better one or make one?



You are out of your mind if you think this is a publicity stunt. It’s certainly garnering publicity although nobody asks for the FBI, IRS, Treasury Department, ATF, Sheriffs Office, and City police to raid your home, church, and businesses.

It was merely the inevitable result apparent by those involved for those who lived up to their principles as free men and women and led by example in sacrificing themselves for the betterment of us all. Win or lose at trial is irrelevant. This case will bring and has already begun to bring new people to New Hampshire that believe in the ideals of freedom and liberty.

If you have any doubt we played the first unreleased hour or so of the raid on Free Talk Live’s studio and some of the apartments on Saturday’s show that I co-host: Freedom Decrypted. I also co-host Free Talk Live, but the former is also a video oriented show where we have both talking and video here and there. The interview I did was with Bonnie or Ian Freeman’s girlfriend. I was at the raid at about 6:10 AM about 5 minutes maybe after it began. I also had on Jason who spent 12 and 1/2 years in federal prison in the Ed and Elaine Brown tax stand off which helps to present viewers an idea of what happens in situations like this.

There is also a write-up by Melanie- another Free Talk Live co-host on the Free Keene blog at Free Talk Live Raided Again | Free Keene

If you want to contribute to recovery efforts you can do so at

We will thrive in this environment! Pass the information on to your friends and family and let them know the evils that come from government and if you believe in freedom and liberty figure out how to make your way to New Hampshire and partake in the larger freedom migration movement. Combined we’ll eventually have a real ability to undermine the power and controls that are in New Hampshire. If you think this activism isn’t working you should be aware that 2/3 of the movers for the Free State Project name Ian Freeman or Free Talk Live as the reason they’ve moved. This is the real reason Ian Freeman was targeted and those close to him. Not crypto- but certainly they will make it out as though that was the case as it benefits them to make people fearful of crypto while taking out one of the leaders in our community. What they fail to understand is we are all leaders and have come together to rebuilt. With or without Ian Freeman we will win the war- and the battles as they perceive them won or lost are actually gains made on our end.

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Nah, Iz all bullshit

I need a good laugh, How does bitcoin accomplish keeping people “free” and “better us all”?

scm is either a troll or ignorance on wheels

How does bitcoin accomplish keeping people “free” and “better us all”?

Please explain. would LOVE to hear it from the “experts”, otherwise your just a fool. Just a fool doing what their masters want.

I’m new here as well, and was hoping this small group would not have name calling etc. Both sides. I am a crypto guy, and have made a small amount and taken out the money I originally invested and now just kind of wait and see.

I also don’t see the “freedom” aspect of it, and while I believe in Freedoms, I also believe in the Rule of Law. Anarchy and Libertarian beliefs are not the same.

If the Law was broken, the risks were known and $180k in your closet while not illegal is not a very smart move.

Not taking sides here as I do not really know any of the facts yet or players, but let’s try and keep it civil.

I’m very new here… but i learned immediately that “truthvsstate” and scm seem to be here to troll

 We're here to help demote gov't shils. They're doing a terrible job.

How does bitcoin make us “free” and “better our lives”?

Yup trolling with the difficult questions.

scm. no that’s not it. thanks :slight_smile:

Bitcoin doesn’t do a thing for freedom.

The government sure seems to think otherwise as do near all the people who have moved to New Hampshire as part of the freedom migration. Well, or at least crypto more generally.

Penguin, as someone who is invested in crypto, I still don’t see how using crypto = more freedom. I’ve lived in NH since 2000, and creating a group of Independent thinkers is difficult for obvious reasons. NH is great for our general attitude of “leave me the f alone.”

FSP may be an idea worth pursuing, but still miles away from ever reaching stated goals.

I invest in BTC, ETH, and some others because I’m a numbers guy, and know of people involved in the mining end that are doing well, but would really like to hear how it’s adoption helps Freedom.

At this point, BofA, CITI, Goldman Sachs, their Billionaire customers, and the Chinese government are likely the largest holders of BTC, and that is not a group I connect with Freedom.