Forkfest 2021

When is it?

Jun 28 thru Jul 4th, at least that’s what we’re saying on the radio. You can pick any dates you want though, of course. Cause, decentralization.


ok … so I can actually make it this time yay

looks like porcfest was moved up one week

is forkfest going to move up to the new date or not?

Porcfest changed their mind and went back to 6/21-27

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yea … so does forkfest change?

As usual with anarchy, Russell, chaos reigns. But I’m signed up, I’ll be there! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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“Chaos” is the MSM definition to demonize anarchy.

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NHexit will have a Consulate at park model #18 at Porcfest from Monday to Sunday June 21 to 27
get your Tourist Visa for Greater NH and The Shire

I used to scoff at the idea of secession. No more! Than was then, this is now. I would support secession of ANY state from a violently collapsing empire (and I hear Texas is exploring the option via a referendum that may be on the next ballot).


Hopefully you are not alone in this feeling.

Nope, not unless you want to hold your own Forkfest at another time, which you could totally do!

I will be hosting RVSite #18 as the NHexit Consulate from the 21st to the 27th … I have it from Monday to Monday
We will be working on Travel Visas for the Greater NH area and info
I am looking for gold, silver, other currency traders to join us … or I will point people to your site.
I also have a indoor kitchen which could be used by a food vendor in exchange for driving traffic to the site.
Our office hours will be 9-5 with a lunch hour from 12 to 1
so someone could prepare meals before during and after those hours and not interfere with our info desk or meetings during the rain.

ForkFest is happening June 20 - July 5, 2021!

Find out what vendors will be there, and add yourself to the map at to attract attendees to your business!

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1 Like says different dates. 28-4th. Which is correct?

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You decide


See? When no one is in charge, chaos ensues. Now no one knows the correct dates of the ForkFest, and after trying to rename the ForkFest TWO years ago (after a number of complaints that it’s phonetically too close to “PorcFest”), it’s still…ForkFest! That’s anarchy for us… :smile:

Soon there will be as many forkfests as there are cryptocurrencies (7800+). You won’t have to worry long about what to do in the cryptospace though. The central banks have a plan to clean up that “mess”. They just need you guys for now to help implement it.