Forkfest 2021

False equivalence fallacy, otherwise known as “apples and oranges.” Do we really want as many ForkFests as there are cryptocurrencies? And by pointing out the problem, am I really becoming one-with-the-central-bankers? Puh-leeze, you libertarian dummies! :stuck_out_tongue:

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apples, oranges, but the analogy was your call for central planning.

unknowingly yes

If a central bank offered you a crypto to replace the dollar, would you accept?

I do believe you’re avoiding the question, SCM. Again…“Do we really want as many ForkFests as there are cryptocurrencies?” You suggested we do…

I have zero problems with a million forkfests. What I have a problem with is a central authority that wants control of them.

Now you may answer my question. :wink: If a central bank offered you a crypto to replace the dollar, would you accept?

A million Forkfests means chaos, dysfunction and inability to usefully perform an intended function. There’s nothing inherently immoral, irrational or anti-liberty about central authorities. Apple has one. So does General Motors. And virtually all other productive endeavors (where stuff like energy and food come from). As for the question whether I would accept crypto in place of dollars if a central bank offered it to me…the answer is no. Central banks are not to be trusted. They are not—wait for it—“productive endeavors”! :neutral_face:

Well each forkfest can have their own central authority to manage their own affairs and the best/most competitive one, should help cancel out the little ones, (hopefully, not with the help of a bigger central authority (government) , just like apple, amazon, and google do in their “capitalist” space)

OK, so, how do you feel when the central banks are calling for a “digital currency”? I mean we “trusted” them with gold and silver. Two things that can’t be counterfeited as easily as something electronic, programmed by humans, could be.

They are using you (anarchists/libertarians) to help build THEIR system, Because they know you would NEVER of helped implement or accept a digital currency to begin with. You can’t be FREE by tying yourself to a device. (unless of course, you don’t mind being part of THEIR “digital economy”).

NHexit is locked in RVsite#18 for the 21st to 27th

Are you guys not coming for Forkfest, too?

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I have not reserved that site for after the 27th

looks like we are only 2 sites away from rv46 :slight_smile:

You can join me at site #39 after the 27th Russell. I’ll be there till the first. And will be selling something VERY important…“Free Advice.”

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