Do you really want freedom ? Independence

Have heard lots of crickets on this (mostly BS) forum.
Are there any here that understand the requirements to achieve Freedom in this world of enslavement ?
Have seen plenty of distractions.
Not sure what use we have for those providing the distractions.

Samm, you’re like a skunk that goes around squirting anyone that comes within range and then wondering why no one wants to engage with you.

Perhaps you would have more efficacy examining your methodology first.

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Let’s try this,Codrus.
Let’s ask a question for anyone here on this forum to answer. An honest answer will help determine if the forum may be of use towards establishing real gains towards freedom. This answer provided should be supported by the fact that we realize we are unable to live a life of freedom due to enslavement tactics on all fronts by the state.
I would like to hear views on what you all think we should do to remove power from the state.
What should we do to remove ALL power from the state ?

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Meant to reply sooner, hard lately to find time.

First, you don’t wake up in chains and your every moment isn’t controlled by others, you’re already free, Samm. So put more accurately you’re unhappy with your restricted freedoms (but consider that you’d also have your freedoms ‘restricted’ in a ‘free society’ also.

You’re currently unhappy with what you feel are your freedom of choices, but this is something within your control. You hold the power to define your reality, and so hold the power to define your freedom.

Change what you have defined and bring freedom to you.

I’m sure not the reply you wanted, but it is the reply you need and you will think these things over and eventually see and understand the meaning (and power) of what I said.

Its always been in your power.

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Just because you can’t see the chains does not mean they are not there. You think you are free because you are Allowed to be free? Well thank the master!

In a free society you at least get to be part of the decisions which govern your life, unlike the current system which gives you the illusion of making those decisions, i.e. voting. But what the hell you think you are free, so I guess you are, because you defined what freedom is for you, but there lies the crux, what you call freedom is not what I call freedom because I was not Allowed any choice in that decision!..

Then again if I look at my chains and believe they are not chains then they are not chains… Because if I believe hard enough I can change my reality, ya right… :wink:


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This is what Freedom looks like?

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Just because you can’t see the chains does not mean they are not there.

Actually, that’s exactly what it means, you’re actually pretending you are in chains.

(BTW, voting isn’t making decisions, it is passing that authority to someone else to make the decisions.)

Samm is deeply frustrated and unhappy because he has made his happiness dependent on others, and others will disappoint him. If your happiness hinges on what others do or don’t do, then you are going to find yourself essentially always unhappy.

Eventually you decide to take back control of your happiness and keep it all within your power. You remove yourself as much as you are able from supporting or assisting those things that don’t make you happy, and you change your definitions for things from what they were to things that make you happy.

Get on with perusing whatever you are passionate about, that’s the whole point of life. If you are passionate about fighting statists then by all means go do it! But if it is making you unhappy and depressed, then you’ll probably see its time to do something else to be happy.

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Codrus is wrong:

  1. Samm is not unhappy. Samm is also not depressed. Samm is angry and quite happy that the anger is there. It should be.
  2. If you think you are free, you must have a poor outlook on life and not much ambition. You’re a caged animal for the most part. Many think that sitting in their easy chair in front of a stupid game of steroid junkies throwing a ball around is freedom. Especially if includes some processed shit to eat along with some alcohol. Wave a flag ! Yippie I’m free ! Pathetic
  3. God’s will is for us to live simply, and in tune with nature. People have drifted away from God’s will and have fallen pray to dependence. Evil gets in to people’s lives by tricking and betraying. Evil has mostly removed INDEPENDENCE from humanity. Evil has manifested itself in the form of technologically dependent society. Those made dependent can be controlled. Being dependent, especially voluntarily dependent, which is 90% of america, is accepting control. Accepting control in this circumstance, is accepting evil.
    . One of the problems lies in the fact that there are some that are still doing all they can to live in tune with God’s will, yet the system is actually preventing (with force or death) some from accomplishing this. All this has amounted to a lot of anger. The system can’t handle too much of this, and is working on ways to remove anger, or make it genetically impossible…I for one think the controllers and their lazy satanic scum have dragged their feet too much on this and will be paying the price.
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Quote from the Rutherford article: " If we are to have any hope of dismantling the police state, change must start locally, community by community. Citizens will have to demand that police de-escalate and de-militarize. And if the police don’t listen, contact your city councils and put the pressure on them."


John Whiteheads blog has been great at describing the mess we’re in. He’s only presented 1/2 of it though. Not much mention of the damage to NATURE. The system has messed up much of our Mother. Whitehead is no good as far as “solutions”. Because of this we should be skeptical of him. There is a solution out there. The system knows this and we’re in a race because of it. More to come…

Not all chains are physical.

Ignorance is bliss…if you are looking for happiness.

Don’t take the red pill.

Freedom is when there are zillions of nations, with many competing for your investment and patronage. Some will be on land, some will be seasteads, and some will be space-stations (someday).

Some of course will be nations where I am not welcome: “Whites Only” ethnostates, or just limited to Orthodox Jews, Zulus, Mormons, Uyghurs, Hungarians, lesbian furies, LSD fans, whatever. But there will be a zillion others where I would be free to join.

Some will be business-friendly ultra-modern megalopoleis, like Singapore. Some will be like Liechtenstein or San Marino. Some will be primitivist, like Tolkin’s Shire. Some would be monarchies or theocracies. Some would be communist communes (but we all know they wouldn’t attract anyone but delusional fools and moochers, and so they will fail quickly, having no ability to impose their system on competent people by force). Experimentation and evolution will encourage better political ideas to proliferate.