Dates for Forkfest/Shirefest/Somaliafest 2018?


We announced on the radio tonight Darryl’s name for the event of “Forkfest” and dates of 6/14-6/18, 2018. Details to come in other posts.


Update - Porcfest organizers say the FSP release was incorrect and Saturday night will not be eliminated. They are now talking about expanding Porcfest an extra night to be Tue-Sun.

Regardless, I think it would be interesting to hear what people thing about the before/after question.

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Initial response on a facebook poll is that it should again be before.

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One of the advantages we had this year was that FSP had already booked “Agora Valley” for the week, so we didn’t have many surprised people interspersed with vendor set-ups such as the dome. Not that I mind meeting random campers, but I think that fact allowed Rogers to give is a little more leeway in that area in the early week. I.e, they didn’t have a problem with the late music on Sunday through Tuesday. As I’ve understood it, FSP usually books Rogers for the week before their busy season (if they actually have one) begins, so we may end up running into a distracting number of regular campers who want us to simmer down a bit.

I think the lead-in idea has some potential, however in my case (and others may be effected by similar circumstances), it’s easier for me to take a full week off from work and get the weekend on both ends rather than split two weeks.

However if the idea of having Somalia-Fest for a half week after Porcfest takes hold, I’d probably make arrangements to be at Rogers for the full week and a half.

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@paxlibertas also said it’s easier to take off from work if the other fests are before. That’s a persuasive point.

Yep. I stand by that. It was easy for me to attend both (even though that was not my initial intention) because it all happened the same week. I’d love to see Shire Fest grow (no too keen on Somalia Fest, personally).

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I agree with @paxlibertas that my festival should grow :wink:

I might even vend next year - would be interested in joining forces with other folks in that endeavor.


How much does it cost to book Rogers for a week?

Is there an alternative to Rogers?

Rogers is the biggest campground in NH, and it’s beautiful. I suspect nothing else will compete. Also, when @ShireDude tried to organize a fest outside Rogers, the haters (presumably the same Liberty haters you recently met that hate those of us in Keene) contacted the campground and scared them away. Shire Dude had a date to go tour the other campground, but they called him and told him to not bother.

That sucks. Rogers doesn’t seem liberty-friendly from their treatment of some libertarians. I hope something can be done.

Many people had problems with Crosby this year. It could be just because we were all sheltered from him, by the PorcFest organizers, but I am predisposed to believe that he is trying very hard to drive up revenues to be able to sell his campground for more than he bought it for 20 years ago. It looks like he has deferred maintenance in the past and is trying mightily to avoid dipping into savings to bring NH’s largest, and one of its most unique, campgrounds back up to salable conditions. He filed an acceptable tax return earlier this year, and needs 2 more. He very likely wants to make the next 2 progressively larger than the last. This will be a challenge with PF’s dwindling numbers.

Rogers has many advantages, but Crosby is going to be hard to deal with as he is faced with the realization that he is going to have to sell at a loss.


I found Gunstock to be better.

it is busy there from around the 4th of july on. … that is why fsp has to book before then

I have followed your guys migration to NH for many years. Half assed thought about joining you many times, just never did, and at this point I’m not sure how likely it is. I’m by no means an activist. I believe in the message, I just don’t seem to spread it very well.


Even if you don’t want to do activism, you can live freer in NH just by moving here.


I’m not saying that moving is out of the question, it’s just a matter of overcoming inertia. The wife and I will be out in the Burlington area this spring. Possibly I might be able to talk her into hopping across the border and checking out NH. Mostly it would be losing the network of business contacts that would hurt. But maybe it’s time for a new line of work anyway.

I think there should be a place to meet and camp and gather both the weekend before and the weekend after Porcfest

that used to describe the farm in Grafton

has anyone made an event on facebook or for this?