Dates for Forkfest/Shirefest/Somaliafest 2018?

I did talk to several people about it at Anarchapulco. Too bad no one has their shit together - this would have been perfect to promote there. Next year…

Seems like a real Somaliafest in spirit should be enjoyed on the desert sands of a beach. Plenty of quaint Atlantic shore ones in NH to occupy. Bonus points for public land use activism opportunities.

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Star Island.

It’s on the Maine state line, so you can walk and have legal weed.

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I’m planning to fly up to NH on June 15th with my partner (weather permitting) and hope there’s some uber drivers in Lancaster for the festival. Otherwise we could appreciate a ride to the party from the nearest airport we can tiedown at.
Also, following the campground we’re open to visiting anywhere there’s a hospitable host.
Excited to come share with everyone! It’s been too long.

No Uber in Lancaster! It’s tiny! Have to rent your own car!
There may be 1-2 people offering rides, but good luck finding them or getting hold of them!

Who’s we? Bringing a guest?

Affirmative, I’m living in NC with my partner currently and hope weather cooperates for a speedy trip up there next month.
Have a potential ride from airport now so not urgent.