Hi. Zoe isn’t my real name. I’m female, between the ages of 18 and 150, and from the USA.

I have sort of a double life. Sort of like Clark Kent and Superman, if Clark Kent was more like a sexy female Dilbert, and Superman was just an anonymous writer on the internet infrequently sending ideas and feedback to much braver heroes.

I’m wary of cancel culture, bosses, family, and friends turning against me if I dare to be unanonymously too outspoken. Even while anonymous I feel the need to self-censor just in case my identity somehow becomes known.

New Hampshire sounds like a great place to be, but right now I have too many things anchoring me to where I am to even consider moving.

I’ve been a fan of Free Talk Live since last October or November. I stumbled across FTL by browsing or searching Odysee. I clicked the Forum link at https://freetalklive.com/ to get here.

The main reason I signed up at this forum and https://social.freetalklive.com/ was because I figured these might be more reliable ways to communicate with the show than email.

I probably won’t be around very much because I’m frequently very busy with the things I’m busy with as my unanonymous self.

It’s so incredibly refreshing how much more freedom of speech and libertarian philosophy there is on Free Talk Live and Beard Talk Live than on anything mainstream I know of. It’s so satisfying to hear you broadcast so many liberty-promoting, intelligent, sensible things I’m in no position to say myself. Both shows deserve to be much more famous and much better-funded.

Thank you all so much for all you do to help the world, and for being much braver and more outspoken activists than I’ve ever been capable of so far.

All the best to you all!

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Assuredly welcome Zoe. Your note about family and friends turning against you when you speak out unanonymously rings true with me. You won’t find much of that here.
(Personal note: I took all of my family off my “friends” list on FB when I spoke against the tyranny during early covid-19.)

A hearty welcome!!!

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Thank you so much!!! :slight_smile:

Someday I do want to de-anonymize but at the very least I’d like to get rich first. Financial freedom isn’t everything, but I doubt the world would have ended up like this if most people had enough financial freedom.

If everyone had what Nassim Nicholas Taleb (author of “Antifragile”, “The Black Swan”, and other fascinating books) calls “f*** you money”, I think the world would probably be a much better place.

Welcome, Zoe!

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Sure, if people can’t be bribed to commit crimes then governments would no longer have enforcers and the wealthy people would need to be more resourceful for their sustenance.
NH is kinda like that but we still have immigrants and newly born humans who bring labor here to trade for money before becoming wealthy enough with Fuck You Money. When we secede it might affect immigration and birth rates, hopefully in positive ways unless there is war and similar crimes against our people.

Several hosts are here and on matrix as you likely connected with but also telegram is going to be the easiest other way to connect PMs with most other FTL hosts.

Good luck in your journey. Our goal here in the Shire is largely to consolidate like minds with our written constitution to bind such and ostracize statist practices from our communities, building on the framework of an already libertarian state we are perhaps the last attempt at a wide scale voluntaryist resistance to the Orwellian dystopia that has manifested last century.

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