Your Neighbour to the West

Hello, Shirefolk! I’m a mountain-dweller in the beautiful (and once freer) state of VT. I’ve lived in many different places (mostly in Europe), travelled a ton over decades—for work, pleasure, and other unmentionables—and finally had the chance to fulfill a lifelong dream of living here about 5 years ago.
Vermonters have long prided themselves on their love of liberty; unfortunately, some of this was thwarted a few years ago when our governor (a Republican, no less!) grovelled at the feet of a rather vocal, small, but heavily Bloomberg-supported anti-firearm contingent, by limiting magazine capacity, among other new restrictions. Up to that point, VT is known as not even having gun laws! Fortunately, most Vermonters haven’t been taking kindly to (or even heeding) any such restrictions, so hopefully it’s just a matter of time before we restore things to a former state of relative sanity.
However, the last I looked, there were only about three people in this state, so although there are some like-minded folk, there aren’t very many.
Fast-forwarding to this email, my purpose for being here is to connect with more like-minded people—folks who truly care about Liberty, Freedom, and the rights of individuals. I’m a professional musician, writer, and bon vivant (well, let’s face it, that last one is an exaggeration of a hyperbole). My ex and I raised a wonderful, brilliant, homeschooled, independent daughter who’s now a young adult, and who is herself a strong, liberty-minded individual.
Fortunately, I found the Shire Society through LRN.FM, which I only recently discovered but thoroughly enjoy and listen to daily. A few weeks ago, I had no idea either one of you existed. How thoroughly refreshing!
Anyway, I do hope to keep up with things that are happening in your neck of the woods, as you’re only an easy drive away for me. These are truly mad times, and apparently becoming more so by the day, so more than ever, it’s important that we all stick together—and thrive, rather than merely survive.

Love to all!