Yo, trying for February

Hey everyone, Kumo here.

Been to Porcfest a couple times and was alerted that my roommates were selling the house so I figured I might as well move here since that was the plan anyways albeit a bit early.

I primarily larp (amtgard) but I’ll have to see of the group that runs things here are part of the covid hysteria. Other than that I like anime to the point of writing articles about it on Liberty Block and I also have a piece on The New Libertarian.

My hope with this move is to learn marketable skills and find myself as I’ve felt stagnant for a long time in my home state of Wisconsin. The concentration of freedom minded people doesn’t hurt either.

I have a job lined up but now I’m in need of finding a room, if you know anyone who can accommodate let me know. I have til February so I’m not as concerned at the moment but figure to get the ball rolling.

I hope we can all get along.




I’m open to roommates who want to LARP woodsman-lumberjack types at my offgrid BnB resort near Canaan NH.