WKBK's Dan Mitchell Interviews Ian Freeman

Originally published at: WKBK’s Dan Mitchell Interviews Ian Freeman | Free Keene

WKBK‘s morning show host Dan Mitchell had me on today to discuss my run for NH State Senate, third parties, secession, guns and more! If you’re in the Keene region, you can vote for me in the Republican primary on September 13th.

Free Talk Live · WKBK's Dan Mitchell Interviews Ian Freeman

Where’s the best interview or explanation you offered explaining in depth why you continued your mission using localbitcoins to do the dirty for the scammers (as determined via the jury, not my personal view), despite my advice to you to stop using that platform?
All I’ve seen so far is basically your referencing statist legal advisor’s legal opinion’s and a somewhat blinded view that the state would warn you prior to attacking.
I’m interested to hear more on the factors that allowed you to choose martyrdom.
Jesus Christ went the same route so no judgment on your choice but I’m trying to figure out why either you trusted your statist advisors more or ultimately took actions foreseeable leading to joining Ross for his obviously stupid opsec mistakes.