Will there be a demonstration in front of the Crypto 6 trial?

If so please post the details here so I can spread them

Great idea, I’ll try to make it.

looks like they are aiming for something on monday ded 12 5p outside the trial at the Concord fed building 55 pleasant st… i’ve suggested it should at least “start” at 430 so something visual is going on during biz hours. not every last person has to be inside watching every last moment of the trial right up until the precise moment of 5p. But I will likely still be in colorado then so i probably shouldn’t backseat drive too much.

what is the decided-upon date/time/place of the proposed main demonstration?

Crypto6 Protest
4:45PM - 6:30PM Mon, December 12, 2022
Fed courthouse, 55 Pleasant St, Concord, NH

This is also on NHCalendar.org

“We’re protesting the government’s persecution of Crypto6 activist Ian Freeman…outside the US District Courthouse. Media will be present, bring cameras, signs, etc. Check out TheCrypto6.com for more details.”

This demonstration is set for roughly the fifth day of D.C.'s trial, reportedly the first Fed trial in New Hampshire since about 2020. See also Forum.ShireSociety.com for raw updates. Even if you can’t be there… can you at least spread the word?

Sent the above info to my media list