Will Coley host of The Call to Freedom

Hey y’all. Most of you know me, some do not. I founded Muslims 4 Liberty and host The Call to Freedom soon to be moving to Mon-fri 4-7 pm


Good to have you here. I think you’ll find these forums useful to welcome potential movers and connect with others already here, who aren’t on facebook.

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Yup…had to put my foot down when it came to being on Facebook. Most of what I heard were complaints, and as much as I get sucked in to other social media with a better rep them then, just could never get involved there.

welcome to the forums

Finally Will! Welcome! :heart:

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Hello Mr Coley. I find your voice and viewpoint an interesting addition to Free Talk Live.

For sure, any new viewpoint is a positive one!
Thank you for your service to your community and family!