We must NHexit from the WHO:


“Anti-vaccine activism, which I actually call anti-science aggression, has now become a major killing force globally."

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This is a bit troubling, but perhaps not in the way you might think.
I would caution against considering anti-vaccine with anti-science

I did not get the vaccine early on, even though I was in that age
category for whom it was especially recommended. I will turn
70 on December 1 of this year.

One of the things that I noticed during the early part of COVID
was that many people around my age were not at all worried.
We have seen epidemics/pandemics come and go, and we’re
still here.

I finally did get the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, and I’m happy
with that, but I got it just so I wouldn’t have to wear a mask at

But…I have had reservations about the new mRNA vaccine since
the beginning. These did not follow the body’s normal pathway
of storing up anti-body patterns for use later, at least not to the
same extent.

Now it seems that anyone who has had the mRNA vaccine might
be more at risk from other things. Let me explain

The early research suggested that the best way to produce
sufficient immunity to COVID was to have the cells in your
body produce part of the virus. Nothing unusual about that,
our cells have lots of mRNA in them for various things we
might not live long without, The research point to the spike
protein as the best bet. In essence, this took the place of
using killed-virus techniques of vaccination.

Unfortunately, this spike protein was very injurious to the
walls of the blood vessels. It was kind of like using a curled
knife that scratched the walls of the veins
This set up a normal immune response, just as it does
whenever cells are injured. Simply, your body produced
platelets that went to the injured sites to begin the cell
repair process. The platelets are stabilized in in place
by fibrin, also a normal part of the process. The whole
process forms clots on the affected area. Scabs are
really just blood clots on the surface where you can see
them, it’s exactly the same process. Normally plasmin
is added later to remove the fibrin and destabilize the
platelets so that it all goes away.

If you got the mRNA vaccine, you put this process into
play long before the virus ever got you. Then, when
you finally got the virus, the spikes on the surface made
it even worse.

So there are good reasons for not using the mRNA
vaccines. This is actually in accord with science,
not anti-science. Getting the J&J vaccine helped
prevent early damage to the blood vessels, but once
you get the virus, the same kind of damage will be
done as the virus circulates in the body.

So I think we really need to be careful about equating
anti-vaccine with anti-science. It took a while before
we really understood all of the effects that this virus
has had on the body. But it was the best we could
do at the beginning. I’m not sure it really worked
at all. I got a mild case of COVID in late 2021,
AFTER I had the J&J vaccine. But it was the spikes
on the virus itself that probably caused the clots that
eventually completely occluded nearly the entire
length of the veins in my left leg.

Clots are not unusual after surgery, and I had a
complete right hip replacement at the end of
March. When my left leg started to swell,
especially the ankle, a routine followup with
my PCP sent me directly from her office to
an ultrasound and from there directly to the
emergency room. I was put on blood thinners
immediately, and three weeks later my
vascular surgeon told me that the left leg
had OLD clots, formed prior to the surgery,
and that they had been there for at least a
few years, undiagnosed.

It’s not called the clotshot for nothing.