Who is Schaeffer Cox?

“Winter is Coming.”


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Wow Rodney. You’re either going to:

  1. Excite some of the actual Liberty lovers here
  2. Agitate the informers here
  3. Inspire a doxxing campaign against the informers
  4. Make Samm LHFAO
  5. All of the above

I thought this post would generate some discussion but it seems to me I am wasting my time. I do appreciate your input Samm, thank you. 69 views and only 1 comment, what does that say about the users on this site?


Use this forum for what you will. I think most of it is choreographed by informants/infiltrators that have sold their souls. We can counter this with Truth. As a highly educated man in faith, Rodney, maybe you could present views in tune with Christianity. I would enjoy this and maybe some more will.