Who are some players/companies in the crypto space that you guys would like to see interviewed?

And on what what topics?

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Iota for sure! I’ve always wanted someone to dumb down what the heck they’re talking about, because the technology is so complicated… yet so interesting.

I and surely most of the Bitcoin community would love to see interviews (with hard hitting questions) of:

  • Adam Back
  • Andreas Anantopolous
  • Charlie Lee
  • Jameson Lopp‏
  • Jeff Garzick
  • Jimmy Song
  • Nick Szabo
  • Peter Todd
  • Richard Heart [edit, late entry]
  • Whale Panda

And of course if by some miracle you can find him :slight_smile:

  • Satoshi Nakamoto
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thanks guys!


Would like some BTS and OpenLedger folks to step up but more concerned about increasing their progress towards adding markets for atomic swaps of burst and bch along with all the new btc drops coming.