Where Mark Blasphemes the FSP religion

There are several points I would like to make, but I will start with this: I have determined that there are 3 types of people that should consider a move to NH and the rest are largely wasting their time.

  1. US claimed libertarians that live in and already enjoy a frozen Hellscape. I don’t just mean snow, I mean a place were snow’s on the ground in Dec is likely not to thaw until May.

  2. A US libertarian that wants to run for office and spend many years fighting the leviathan from the inside and claims that they will somehow not be corrupted.

  3. A pugnacious and/or recalcitrant libertarian how will not be happy with just moving somewhere for freedom, they must fight the power! Heaven knows what they would do if they won, which they won’t.

NH is the right desitnation for many people, as my list shows. I think we do a dis-service to people by overstating things like “NH is the free-est place in the world”; “You’re not a real libertarian if you don’t move to NH” or my personal favorite “I can’t believe how blind Texans are to how statist the place that they live is.”

Please list other groups or types that might be added to my list.

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hah hah hi mark welcome back… 3 year hiatus wow. New Hampshire is cold? I didnt notice.

maybe also people who have a sense of history… places that are the best to live and have the most freedom historically…probably will continue to be so in the future. Roatan (sp?) sounds promising and has some history! maybe what has started there will grow with your help! We’ll see…but the history is pretty short at this point and the neighborhood is pretty violent. Costa Rica has proven itself for 80 years… but Roatan is so small, as is its liberty community, so vulnerable to the whims of the Honduran government plus D.C. to in some circumstances. We have to worry about Washington here but not Washington AND Honduras!

We keep hearing there is a better place than NH somewhere out there but then there is always some surprise problem later and the story changes. Maybe this will be different… for the first time in 50 years of move-somewhere projects. Well, the second.

I’ll probably be watching and raising concerns if something bad happens to you guys! hope you will do the same for us if vice versa.

The history of Liberty in a place is sort of the thing I am trying to disabuse people of. If that is a good idea, then why don’t we all move to Boston? It has a greater history. It has Ole Iron Sides! Hell, I am starting my own 101 Reasons to Move to Boston for Liberty.

Yes, if you compare NH to other states, there are many things that make it a good place to live. Another thing I am trying to tell people is that some list doesn’t taylor well to YOUR life and your life is the only one that matters.

Utila is the name of the island that I am literally building a community, and I don’t want to mix the 2 threads. I will make one and you can take potshots there, but this is a thread about my passion: convincing people that they are wrong-headed about why they would move to a place.

You have leveled your best argument in the last paragraph “Oh how can we listen to Mark when he has changed his mind?” Firstly, no I have not. The US Marianas is the free-est place in the US. It was free-er than NH before Covid, during Covid (unless you were traveling to and from) and it is free-er now. I outlined the remoteness of the locale many times while touting it. It isn’t perfect, but if freedom is your goal, The US Marianas is a better choice than NH.

Second, I am already free. I am not burdened with the notion that I must sacrifice my life to the very tyrants that feed on lives. So many of y’all are. I don’t need or want to stay in a jurisdiction because it is free. I am just scouting for y’all. I went to Ghana last year. I didn’t do it because I wanted to find liberty, I did it because I wanted to see what it was like there (it’s awful).

Third, yes! Covid changed my opinion of things, including NH. The US Marianas scared me with its airport lockdown, but NH scared me with its restaurant lockdown. NH was like #23 on the list of free-est places during Covid. Do you really want to bring that up? I don’t know what we can learn from Covid, and would be happy to hear ideas, but I would not draw the conclusion that Florida is the free-est place or best place to live simply because it was quite a bit free-er than NH at the time, was basically neck-annd-neck with NH on the Fit50, and because property rights FL are better than in most places in NH.

If what you are saying is that you are in NH and you are going to make your best go of it, great. I hope the best for you all, but if you say that NH is the best or free-est anything, nope. I am going to correct you, because the FSP is a religion and religions need skeptics to get their message honed.

New Hampshire is making amazing progress: New Hampshire shows how to advance freedom

Jason Soren’s idea was to get 20,000 libertarian activists to move to the state and then we would see some progress. That hasn’t even happened yet, and we are still doing great things.

Why discourage the 20,000 people who want to move here to help us and try this experiment out for real? I think this could be amazing. I don’t see a better political solution.

If you want to try another method that is easier for foreigners, that’s great too.

New Hampshire has made some great progress, and I hope it continues.

New Hampshire is a great place for activists that want to see progress towards Liberty. Progress is good, it gives life meaning. Activists are in the Fighter category. I caution against feeding this personality trait though. It has many drawbacks. Fighting gives energy to whom you fight. With every move you teach your opponent things. Your opponent is the State. It pays people to fight you. Your task in NH is hercelean, and I don’t think it is said often enough.

I think y’all will see great progress, then, without the proper political solutions, all of it will fall away in the next generation. There is a huge problem of untruths, naivety and lack of planning for the FSP. These need to be addressed and simply aren’t being considered.

I will say it one more time, I am not discouraging people from moving to NH. I am trying to encourage the right people to move, by sharing my knowledge and judgement. The fact that y’all see any critique as discouragement is part of the problem. That is the untruth and naivety of which I speak. Many untruths have been spoken in the pursuit of movers, some by me, for which I feel I must atone. Moving is of great personal cost and so many supporters just don’t take that into account. “Just move, everything will be fine!”

My central thesis is fighting the MAN is inefficient. Building in a better place with a foundation of legal protection is a lot easier. Stop fighting and build.

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