Where is most of the discussion nowadays

there’s the lrn.fm mastadon, telegram and signal. Where is the bulk of the nh liberty activity now? and which of these lets you link to individual posts?

It’s quite decentralized. Depends on where you live, but Telegram is popular in some circles, or at least put up with relative to the other alternatives. It’s not bad, but it’s not secure either more or less. Mastodon is getting more popular and you can find me on it: freedomdecrypted.com and click subscribe to feed or something like that to follow me.

Judging by responses to this thread, and both your and penguins very minimal responses to my posts in multiple threads, nowhere.
Looking around the board, I find very little discussion of really anything.
Telegram and Signal are known to be comprimised, essentially limbs of the police state everyone is working against.
Mastadon I can tell you is heavily infiltrated with at least the multiple servers I attempted to share my work on demonstrating obvious rampant forum disinfo techniques like sliding, racebaiting, trans-baiting, bullying, unfair moderation, intentionally incompetent administration, blatant censorship, and the majority of content was meaningless vanity spam.
This site would have a lot of work to do if you wanted to be some alternative or a real place people felt like talking about things.
I can say from my short experience here, I have brought up about 20 topics for discussion and no one has engaged on any of them, including yourself.
I ask difficult questions, I have uncovered dozens of psychological operation on the american public simply by speaking openly and watching the reaction of the administration and mod teams.
Consider the company “mod squad” that moderates most video game chat rooms, it is run by someone with the last name, Pinkerton.
Consider all dating websites are operated by the same company, match group out of new york city.
Consider “discord” and how every subculture is invited to have a home there for free, even though it’s ownership and control model is no different from facegag, what people are running from.
I have worked in the IT industry for companies that operate and collect data on website domain names, as well as reputation management, and can tell you that there are serious control mechanisms in place to monitor every transaction and mention of certain words on the internet.
And I report that people will harass you in real life for talking about these things and I strongly believe there is a new world order blacklist of anyone who does so.
So asking “where are all the cool kids going” at this point is probably not going to get many answers, if you don’t know, no one is going to broadcast it.
The situation is very grim, and those who warned us about it, snowden, binney, assange, accomplished almost nothing in doing so, largely because the majority of people is psychologically programmed to prioritize ease of use over all other concerns.
And powerful technology, that is easy to use, is dangerous to the user.
I write about it extensively in my book Mental Self Defense and even propose an actual empirical method for determining said danger.
Frankly it is like trying to explain a microwave to a room full of cats, while being chased by the police.

well, a reporter once told a crowd of activists that he would write stories about them if they held a demonstration, but not if they just sent him complaints about the government. posts about how things are terrible around the world… may be worth reading now and then but they don’t really lend themselves to much follow up, especially if they’re not new hampshire specific. Action and building things… that’s what gets attention. Are you in a position to schedule any demonstrations in new hampshire or other constructive things that people can easily support?

It’s wherever you find threads like this…

The porcusphere (FSP, FTL, NHfree, etc) was briefly the top libertarian forum on the Internet, but it blew it…

We were also ALL wrong about “free trade will make China reform”. The “libertarians for Trump” were proven right, at least as a step in the right direction. And now is the perfect time to push secession.

There are many aspects of this response that are ridiculous, if sincere.
A “group of activists” is a demonstration.
Publishing a book is an event, book publishing are reported as events regularly on all tv shows, npr, magazines.
My work is also very investigative, I am even investigating you and this website.
The admin Penguin has already failed now for quite some time to answer questions about the “help wanted” page link being broken and why uploading avatars feature does not work. Asked to be reminded, even though he could have just scrolled up.
Your response to what I posted fits the following pattern I have seen before:
Me: A, B, C, are significant aspects of this issue and so D, E, and F need to be considered but especially G, due to H, I and J.
You: Who do you think you are?

I have spent more than a decade investigating forum websites and observing administrators that are sided, corrupt, cops, etc etc.
I reported above that I had experiences at a site called Saidit that indicated it was operated by corrupt actors.
Today it got taken down.
Today also another very significant free speech site is blocked at my home -by DNS- at the provider level.
These are radical, rapid, changes to the internet, and along with the thousands of people being silenced on twitter for speaking up about the wuhan flu/fake vaccine insanity, to have no interest in speaking with someone like me who has a lot of experience with this issue and who has risked a lot to share my knowledge, indicates a lot about your sincerity in your beliefs, and makes me wonder what your ulterior motives are making your report.

The united states government was allowed to perform psychological operations, legally, on the public, in 2014 and that means they can be fake journalistes, fake websites, actors, fake events, fake courts trials, fake magazines, fake everything, to defraud the public and make it impossible for people to know what is going on.
Anyone who is unable to discuss this and at least pick out a few of these events, Jan. 6, the chauvin trial, included, is very likely part of it.
People who lurk and know better than to post, I understand. People who play dumb and distract from the central issues, or reflect scrutiny back on those acting questions, are part of it.
And up to some real evil, psychologically attacking civilians is something a foreign government does to a population and has no place in defending the borders or serving the public or protecting anyone.
“I only report on mass demonsrations”
That is idiotic, something only an idiot would say
Or someone pretending to be one.

what is the most decentralized of the options and most under nh liberty activist control? the mastadon? the matrix chat?