What should I trade my Bitcoin Gold for?

I’m considering getting some more Bitcoin Core and Bitcoin Cash. What do you think? Is anyone planning to hold Bitcoin Gold? If so, why?

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Dash seems to me like a good option. Especially if you are interested in or supportive of smaller cryptocurrency transactions. Fees are low, and I’ve heard transactions are pretty quick. I have a feeling once it spreads and starts getting accepted more, it will take off.

Yeah, I’ve got some DASH. We’re starting to roll DASH out in real life at retail here in Keene. Already got several mom-n-pop businesses accepting it.

I’m just flipping the supermajority of BTG back to BTC to ride the crazy BTC train.

That’s exactly what it needs! I make it a point to mention Dash to anyone who talks to me about Bitcoin.

I’m of two minds. I haven’t claimed it yet, because I’m not sure it’s the principled thing to do (if we ignore BS forks, maybe they’ll go away.) If you have to claim it, why not Bitcoin Cash and Dash? I think those are the best view into the future, unless you want to do more research into privacy coins (and let us know what you think!)

As for BTC, I’m very concerned about it, and wouldn’t buy any, but haven’t broken into cold storage to get rid of it. I’m of a mind that buying it is contributing to a form of delinquency at this point, especially after the latest Blockchain press release.

What is everyone using to claim/extract their Bitcoin Gold?

The three options I’m aware of is Coinomi, Bitcoin Gold’s full node, and TREZOR.

Weren’t there allegations that the Bitcoin Gold full node was STEALING KEYS (which are the keys to your BTC and BCH), or was that another wallet?

I thought that was some online “wallet”, but yeah, risk is involved in giving private keys to any software that hasn’t been vetted.

Yeah, I’m still paranoid about exposing my cold storage private keys at all, and have been working with some I broke off years ago. The major portion hasn’t been touched since then.


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Yeah, was just coming to post this apparently same story from different source:

Might be a good idea to HODL for a while, or maybe consider Coinomi or Trezor (the later of which I won’t buy anyway because it defaults BTC to segwit.)