What Happened to CopBlock.org?

Originally published at: https://freekeene.com/2017/10/25/what-happened-to-copblock-org/

Cop Block Badge and Outreach Flier This post was originally made on CopBlock.org. I’m posting it here as well, as who knows what’s going to happen with that site: Hi, I’m Ian Freeman. I’m one of the original Cop Blockers, which is why I possess badge number five. I’ve been a longtime Cop Blocker, financial…


This is really good stuff @FTL_Ian. Had no idea of the history but know only of it from listening to FTL for past years.
I’ve never been an activist “outworldly” due to places I’ve lived and circumstances I’ve lived in but have been in heart and at least online.

I salute Pete, Ademo, you and other cop blockers out there for great work over the years.

You would think cop blocking would take off right now because the national outrage over cops treatment of people. But instead its all gone to being a stupid issue about standing for a flag.

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Ademo removed a bunch of bloggers and brought it back to a solid core of principled Cop Blockers running things.

That worked out well.

This was beautiful @FTL_Ian.
This should be a wiki post of cop block- just saying

Perseverance is a rare quality. But it’s hard to go against organized crime with a small budget.

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