West Manch Mesh Network Exploratory Group

I’m forming a west manchester mesh networking exploratory group. We’ll be studying the feasibility, cost, security, monetization, and more of current mesh tech. The goal would be to find a dedicated core group, pin down some details, and spin off a for profit/benefit company. If you’re interested comment here.


I’m not in Manchester, but please keep us updated.

Nice! I’m not there, but this is an expanding area of interest to me as I’m curious what The State will try to do to undermine crypto on the internet.

The goal is a resilient network and valued business (read profit). Censorship of crypto traffic seems to be a vulnerability of the system - but many people value privacy, not just users of Monero. A mesh network can be distributed, resilient, and censorship free.

Are mesh networks things that can make a profit? I’ve always heard of them spoken of as activism - that is rarely profitable. There has always been occasional talk of action on this project idea, but no fire. Hope this pans out into something.

I think that it could -possibly- be profitable, moneywise, to a few founding members, but I suspect most participants will be in for the value of reliable, low cost, censor free internet.

I have two ideas to make it profitable but maybe the group discussion will lead to more avenues. Thanks for the encouragement. If it isn’t profitable I have ideas to make it at least sustainable. Once the model is setup I’d expand (if profitable) or share and encourage duplication.

Seems to me that you’d want to get property owners to allow hook up of the equipment necessary to create the mesh network. Whether they’d be willing to also pay for the equipment would remain to be seen.

What equipment is needed for the nodes? How expensive?

What is the use case?

Is it the last mile solution for an internet service provider?

It is an exploratory group so we’ll be researching these things and if feasibility deems, coming up with a plan. Expect to hear more, this is just the beginning.


Hey there, I’m interested. Perhaps you’d be interested in this whitepaper which details a protocol that incentivizes nodes with cryptocurrency payments:


I’ll reach out when I have the chat set up. Are you local to Manchester area or will you involved from a distance?

Portland Maine is upgrading to LED street lights, and they have the ability to be WiFi acces points, and I also assume mesh networking for the backhaul connection.

It may be easier to talk property owners into installing a light with a radio in it, than just the radio alone. Many property owners have a lights for security anyway, and upgrading to LED should save on electricity costs.

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Smart thinking Blackie.

good meeting with cool dudes

Are you local to Manchester area or will you involved from a distance?

I’m not local to Manchester, but I can travel a bit.